Introduction: Pallet Block Phone/tablet Holder

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I had a lot of pallet blocks left from all of the pallet projects i made in the last week. So i decided to take a few and make phone and tablet holders. This project takes about an hour. And it isn't that difficult. The tools you need are: a woodsaw, all kinds of files, a flathead screwdriver and a hammer. It will also be very helpfull if you have a vice. Because the holders are made of pallet wood they can take a hit. You can just leave them outside and dropping them wont be bad.

Step 1: Measure and Cut

As you saw in the biginning i made three holders. All of them are different. One is a normal holder, the second is a charger in it and the last one is for a tablet. All of my pallet blocks are 9 by 8 by 8 cm or 3.5 by 3 by 3 inches. I began the build with sanding the blocks. Make sure you get everything nice and smooth. After that i saw my second block had some nails in it that i couldn't get out. If you also have this you just have to cut them off at the bottom, then hammer them in the wood. Then you get a file and make the nail smooth. Now get a flat head screwdriver and hit the nail further in the wood. Also use the file to round off the edges of the block. Now start cutting. First dividend the top in 4 sections. From the left side count one fourth and start cutting with your woodsaw. Cut to the left. Stop cutting about 2 cm or 0.7 inches from the bottom. You cut with about an 80 degree angle.( i don't know if it is the same in Amerika, but i live in europe). You can also make 90 degrees if you want to put a tablet on it. The little thing on the front of the holder to prevent that the phone slides off is about 1 cm or 0.3 inches high. And its 1cm or 0.3 inches wide. The place where the phone or tablet sites on is about 2 or 2.5 cm wide or 0.7 or 1 inches wide. After this your holder is almost done. First sand everything again. Than file the Sharp edges.

Step 2: The Logo

I put the Apple logo on with my transfer marker. These markers are very helpfull. You just print out your picture in black and white. But make sure that you print them with a lazerprinter, also make sure that you mirror the image befor your print it. When you put it on you have to tape it in place. But you have to put the picture side on the wood. Than go over it with your marker. Than rub over the picture with a spoon.

Step 3: The Charger

If you want to put a charger in you first have to drill a hole in the spot that the phone lays on. I used a 8 millimeter drill bit. But you first have to Look at the charger. Only than you can look what kind of drill bit you need to use. After driling you have to make a slot for the wire to go in to. You can just do this with a woodsaw and a file. But make sure you put the charger in with gleu.

Your done!! Have fun with your new phone and tablet holders.

If you need any help you can just ask me in the comments'. :-)