Pallet Herb Garden



Introduction: Pallet Herb Garden

I have created this stand up pallet herb garden, but you can really plant anything in there that doesn't need deep root space

Step 1: Materials

things you need:
crowbar and hammer
roll of garden liner
chicken wire
staple gun
wire cutter

Step 2: Prepare Your Pallet

remove every other pallet board to create space for your plants to grow
I use the flat end of a crowbar to create a gap between the pallet boards and the frame. after creating some space I hammer the backside of the loose boards to pop them off.
after you remove every other board, paint your pallet, if you so wish!
using the extra boards, I cut smaller pieces of wood to screw in between the pallet boards to separate the plants (attached later)

Step 3: Line the Back of the Pallet

using a staple gun, line the back of the pallet with garden liner. after you put the liner in, that's when you add the small blocks of wood to support your plants and add some color pop

Step 4: Cut the Chicken Wire to Create "bowls" to Hold the Plants

make sure to snip all the way down to avoid injury! measure out the space needed to make a cup-like holder for the soil. I cut to span almost the whole length of each section and just wide enough to lodge between the front and back boards

Step 5: Add Your Liner

I cut strips of garden liner to lay inside the chicken wire to hold the soil. make sure to cover any holes to prevent loose dirt from spilling out. you can staple these if you wish but I did not and it worked out ok.

Step 6: Plant and Enjoy!

we are just leaning the garden against the outside of our wall on our patio of our apartment, but consider creating stabilization legs to stand upright or hanging the pallet on an exterior wall if you are able to anchor it in!
finally, fill with soil and plant away!

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