Pallet Photo Pencil Holder

Introduction: Pallet Photo Pencil Holder

Make this easy Pallet Photo Pencil Holder for just $2.00 (with some on hand items you already have). This is a great gift idea or keep it for yourself.

Materials Needed:

Pallet Boards

Two 2x3" picture frames with a slide in design (Dollar Tree, Walmart and K-Mart carry them)


Wood Glue

Hot Glue Gun

Acrylic Paint

Water and a small container to make a glaze in

Spray Paint

Foam Brush

Paper Towels

1.75" Nails

Wood Filler (optional)


Step 1: Cut and Sand the Pallet Board

Cut 5 pieces of pallet board in the following sizes:

One 3.5x3.5", Two 6" and Two 5.25" if you want to make a shorter pencil holder cut the following dimensions:

One 3.5x3.5, Two 5.5: and Two 4.75 inch pallet pieces. Sand until smooth.

Step 2: Glue the Pallet Pieces Together to Create the Pencil Holder

Add wood glue to one side of the 3.5x3.5" piece and adhere one of the longer pallet pieces, secure with a nail. Repeat process on the opposite side. Repeat the same process with the shorter pieces, but notice in image two that you are sliding this piece in to create a rectangular box , therefore apply glue to all sides of the pallet piece you are sliding in. Secure all sides with the nails. If you prefer fill in the gaps with wood filler for smoother finish.

Step 3: Attach the Picture Frame to the Wider Sides of the Holder

Take apart the metal picture frames. Notice in the second picture one of the sides is open to allow the backing to slide in and out. Make sure you attach the fame with this part up. Apply wood glue to the three metal edges of the picture frame, them apply a few dots of hot glue and quickly adhere the frame to the wider part of the holder. The hot glue will dry almost instantly and will hold the frame in place while the wood glue dries and creates a permanent bond. Once dried, clean up any unwanted glue from the holder.

Step 4: Paint and Glaze the Pencil Holder

Paint the holder color of your choice. Two to three coats will be needed. Let dry completely. Make a glaze with acrylic paint that is either a few shades darker in the same color palate as the holder or a color that will be contrasting. Above is a light yellow with gray. I also made a shorter pencil holder with a muted olive base and more vibrant olive glaze.

To make the glaze just mix two parts acrylic paint to one part water. To glaze the holder you will paint it on with the foam brush and immediately wipe it off, only to leave a tinge of color behind. It is important that you glaze one side at a time, otherwise the glaze will dry too fast and you won't get an even look.

Step 5: All Finished - Just Add a Photo and Organize Your Pens and Pencils

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