Introduction: Paper Animatronic Butterfly

Here is a paper animatronic butterfly. More of a finger toy made from paper.

Step 1: Step1

Simple A4 printer paper and some hard paper will do to make this.

Scissors, glue, pencil

Take the A4 paper and cut out a thin strip. 1/8 of the paper's width will do.

Wrap around something similar to your finger. Make 2 of these.

Step 2: Make the Bridge

Check the measurement how it fits in the finger.

Cut a piece of card stock paper and make a bridge over the inner ring. Make sure it fits your finger. Glue it securely.

Step 3: Butterfly

Take a small paper and draw (optional if you are an expert) and cut out an awesome butterfly. Glue the butterfly over the bridge. Make sure to keep the wings free to move.

Step 4: Flappers

Cut a strip pf paper and fold it in half and glue it to make it stronger. Wrap around the smaller(outer) ring and leave 2 extensions. Fold the extensions and glue it to the wings. Use your judgement while gluing the flaps to the wings.

You are done!

Let everything dry and play on.

Step 5: Flapping

Wear around single finger and flex the finger to make the wings flap.

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