Introduction: Paper Bin Evaporative Cooler

This Instructable is about a very efficient simple and cheap personal space cooling device made from a paper bin . It does not require the use of any power tools ,drilling holes and other time consuming chores.If you follow the plans you can be enjoying the cool breeze in under one hour. Although not visually appealing but the performance far out weighs its looks .The outer body is optional it can be made out of foam or cardboard and greatly improves the appearance.

The cooler has been designed to work continuously for long periods of time and does not considerably add to the humidity .The lowest temperature measured at the outlet duct was 22 deg c while the room temperature was 32 deg c. On days with 20/25 percent humidity it will cool down to 25 26 deg c without any problems.Of course the ambient humidity matters the lesser it is the more it cools down.

It requires 12 volts for the fan and 220 or 12 v for the circulating pump depending on the type.It consumes half a bucket of water ( Max water level )in 5 hours.It can also run on solar panel or from a 12 v outlet of a vehicle if a 12v water pump is used.

The visuals and images in the following steps explain everything step by step.

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Step 1: Things You Will Require

Here is a list of things required for this project

12v Fan having 8 inch diameter

Paper Bin with Mesh Walls having top diameter no more than 8/9 inches

Aquarium Power Filter Head or 12v water pump

Cable Ties

Plastic flexible pipe

Wood Wool / Straw Fibres from Evaporative cooling Pads

Plastic Bucket with diameter 1.5-2 inch greater than Paper Bin

Plastic Bag and Tape.

1 empty 1.5 l drink bottle

Step 2: Assembling the Cooling Pad

Start by wrapping the inside of the bin with a wire mesh and put wood straw fibres between the Bin walls and wire mesh.For wire mesh you can use chicken cage net or any fabric net.It is secured to the sides using cable ties.

When all the sides have been covered internally with the fibres attach a flexible pipe in a circle on the inside slightly below the top most part .The pipe should be sealed from one end and the other end should exit from the lower side of the Bin. Use cable ties to secure the pipe in place.

Take a sharp object and poke the lower side of the pipe circle after every inch .

The free end of the pipe should be connected with the pump.

Step 3: Connecting the Circulating Pump

Connect the circulating Pump .Submerge the pump in water and test .The water should drip steadily from the punched holes.The video shows the rate at which the water should drip.Any lesser it will effect the cooling.

Step 4: Attaching the Fan

Attach the fan to the bin by three cable ties .Tighten to ensure it is not loose.The fan should completely cover the bin.Place the cooling core inside a plastic bucket. There should be a gap of 1.5 to 2 inch for air inlet.Secure the cooling core to the bucket with a thick wire tied to the bucket ends.

Run the fan .You will notice very little airflow on top.This is because these fans are designed to move air over a wide angle.The air needs to be channelled .

Step 5: Air Duct

Make a duct adapter by wrapping a 4 inch wide cardboard tightly around the fan and taping the ends.

Next attach a plastic bag with duct tape to the formed cardboard ring.

Form a hollow ring from a 1.5 litre plastic bottle and tape it to the top side of the plastic bag.This will be the air outlet.

Run the fan again the air coming out of the duct will be quite powerful and the duct bag will feel stiff against the internal air pressure.Fill approx half the bucket with water .Turn on both the fan and the pump and enjoy the soothing cool breeze.

I have made a plastic duct out of dry cleaning bags and attached it to the headrest of my bed.It runs whole night and helps me sleep with its constant cool breeze.When not in use the air duct can be neatly folded and stored away.

Step 6: Optional Outer Body

The outer body is made out of 6mm depron complete with functional air vents .

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