Introduction: Paper Claws Redux: Variations

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You likely know how the original paper claws are made--this is just a variation on the making that will make them longer!

Bow chicka bow wow. ;)


Read the picture notes from the bottom to the top.
Makes more sense that way. Haha.

Step 1: What You Need.

You'll want a big stack of paper, first of all, in whatever colour you so choose.
I had black paper lying around.
TIP: Construction paper does NOT fold as well as regular printer paper, but it IS more sturdy. Consider this when deciding what you wanna do with the claws. (costume vs just a quick origami project)

You'll also need scotch tape, sharp scissors, and patience--this takes a while.

Step 2: Tape and First Folds: 1, 2, 3.

So first you want to take two pieces of paper and tape them together, like in the picture.
Long sides together.

Next picture (2)--
turn it sideways. now it will be longways up. (or something. you get it right?!)
take the bottom right corner and fold it to the opposite edge.

next picture (3)--
now take the part you just folded and fold the point up to the opposite corner.
my finger is pointing in the direction it folded.

next picture (4)--
now you must fold the part you just folded diagonally to the right.
it should fold along that diagonal line (the one like \ ) and then meet up with the top evenly.

next picture (5)--
This is not a new fold.
I simply turned the piece of paper to get ready for the final folds, making the actual claw.

Step 3: Final Folds.

Somewhere I forgot to take a picture...
Anyway, you'll want to turn the paper so that the edge indicated is facing you.
Then you can start the final folds.

picture 2--
start the MOST COMPLICATED fold everrrr.
Kidding. It's just hard to show in pictures.
Take the bottom right of your paper and fold it up (away from you) diagonally a bit.
You'll want to make the fold about the same size as it is in the picture, and the next picture.

picture 3--
this is just a close up
you want the thickest part of the new fold to be about as long as from the tip of your thumbnail to where you can first bend it. I guess that's about . . . a little less than an inch?
(it might be helpful to know how to make regular paper claws, first.)

picture 4--
keep folding it over (rolling it up, basically) until you reach the point where it won't get any longer.
then stop.

picture 5--
basically just a close up of the tip.
yours will probably look a bit different because the folds are so inexact.

Step 4: Cutting, Taping, Wearing...

Super sorry about the blurriness.
Hard to take pictures when it's only one person, haha.

After you get the folds all done, it's time to cut off the excess.
You'll want to cut as much excess off as you can.
For this reason you want to cut along the very edge of the claw.

In picture two it shows I've not cut it close to the edge. Do not make this mistake (it was my first trial run and I forgot about that part).

In any case, you want to take that loose edge and tape it to the claw.

Now you're basically done!
Read on for some extra work.
((Because otherwise you get paper cuts !))


If you don't know how to wear the claw, this will help.
Also, I have some tips on how to avoid paper cuts, since this version lacks the folds of the original that will now give you papercuts while wearing them.
(I'm still kind of working this part out.)

picture 2--
there's going to be about three places your finger can go in these.
you're gonna want to make sure you find the middle hole if you want them to last very long (and so you won't rip them when you even try to put them on the first time)
it's hard to explain but there's like two layers of paper there.
you'll see when you make these...heh.

picture 3--
first you round off the pointy part
then you put tape on it.
just cover it up a bit and you'll be better off.
it still smarts a bit, but no pain, no gain ;>

Step 6: In Closing...

i hope this wasn't too confusing.

i'm also sorry to those of you who asked for this and i promised it...then finally got around to making it 2 years later!

pictures below are the finished product, plus the other sizes.
the other sizes are fairly simple to make, you just follow the same principle of these and the regular claws.
all the variations i made need tape.

Long Version I showed you.

Medium version is just the same except you follow the regular steps in making a claw + cutting and taping.

Short version is only ONE piece of paper but following the instructions in this instructable.