Introduction: Paper Cutout Model of MARS PATHFINDER

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Hello everyone!!this is my first instructable, so plz ignore some mistakes and grammatical errors.

basically, it is a paper cutout model of mars pathfinder by NASA that was sent to Mars on December 4, 1996 to analyze the Martian atmosphere, climate, geology and the composition of its rocks and soil.Although the mission was planned to last from a week to a month, the rover operated successfully for almost three months. Communication failed after 7 October with a final data transmission received from Pathfinder at 10:23 UTC on September 27, 1997.

so we are going to make 1/17 scale model of NASA pathfinder that can be a brilliant decoration for a space fan.the links for the templates are given below.anyhow I couldn't find the instructions to build it anywhere on the internet so I decided to figure out myself & voila!!! it took 1 complete day for me to assemble the model.that is why I decided to make an instructable to help people around the globe.

Forgive me for the quality of images as I do not own a camera and these images are captured using a 13-megapixel phone camera.

Step 1: Getting the Tools and Templates:

The necessary templates for making this model can be downloaded from the link given below:

and the tools required:

1.Thick cardstock(had lying around in my house).

2.Scissors(i used a x-acto knife).

3.A internet connection(i used a public wi-fi lol).


5.Precision and patience.

Step 2: Cutting the Pieces:

I cut all the 4 templates (oops!) but I forgot to take the photo of the 1st template after cutting.

Step 3: Gluing the Cruise Stage:

1.Glue the edge strip around the center piece.

2.Take the 8 circles and just attach them to make 4 spheres as engines of the Pathfinder.

3.Glue the center piece and the 4 spheres on the cruise stage disk.

4.make the support base by gluing its ends together.

4.The cruise stage is ready.

Step 4: Gluing the Backshell:

1.This is pretty easy of all the steps as just cut the 2 pieces.

2.Make a frustum of the cone.

3.add the center piece.

4.The backshell is ready.

Step 5: Gluing the Electronics Box and Lander Module:

1.Make the electronics box and then the rover.

2.Glue them both to the triangular piece(solar panel of the rover) on the places provided.

3.The lander module is ready.

Step 6: Gluing the Heat Shield:

1.Glue the first strip at the end of other to make a long strip.

2.Make the heat shield cone.

3.Glue the strip to the base of heat shield cone(there are 7 edges to glue on the strip).

4.The heat shield is ready.

Step 7: Assembling:

1.First place the base support ring.

2.Place heat shield on it(no.4).

3.Place the lander module on it(no.3). the backshell upon it(no.2). the cruise stage part on top of it(no.1).

6.voila! the NASA Pathfinder is ready to be displayed.

[i couldn't color my model as I didn't have the colors .i you want to color it then color will look very good]


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