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Introduction: Paper Finish Line Flag Banner FREE!

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As promised I have made an 'ible on how to make my "Ice Boat" finish flag! It's free and easy plus reuses paper that would otherwise be trashed.

You can use the same technique to make a HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner in larger size! Or a MERRY CHRISTMAS banner and any other one you can think of! It's fun and educational! I had my six year old seek and find the letters we would need for our banner! We made it into a game and had a lot of laughs! He's such a smart kidJ

In this 'ible you will find out how to make a free finish banner!

Step 1: What You Will Need.

Here's a list of what you will need:
  • Flyers or other papers with letters on them
  • Twine or other string to hang letters on
  • Needle and scissors
  • 2 candle stick holders or other tall items to tie off banner to

That's all you should need!

Step 2: Get to Cutting and Threading!

Find and cut out the letters you will need to make your banner. Cut these out in the shape of a triangle. (If you'd like a more folksy look I'd suggest pinkering/ zig zag cutting the triangle rather than straight cuts but since my 6 year old was helping with the cutting I wanted to keep it simple.

Mine was "F I N I S H".

After you have all your letters cut out you will need to thread your sting through the tops of each (as seen in photo). Be very careful while pulling the string through the letters. The thicker the string the slower this process will be.

YOU MUST tie a knot in the string before and after each letter. This ensures that your letters will stay put when the wind blows.

Take your candle stick holders or other tall objects and tie off your stings to the tops. I had to put twigs inside my candle holders to make it higher or it would have sat really close to the water and what fun would that have been? lol. A soggy finish flag is a sad finish flag!

Step 3: PLAY!

All done! All that's left to do is PLAY! And we did. It was great fun and memories! We used this finish line banner for our "Ice Boat" race! We have an 'ible for that too! lol. I hope it inspired you to get outside and play. Enjoy!

*Note: My son wanted me to let everyone know that he is missing some teeth so that is not his "usuall" smile! Ha! He is too funny. I told him that it doesn't matter what he looks like on the outside but what he looks like on the inside and he said that I was wrong. How could his friends see his insides? Hahaha. Kids. Gotta love their honesty. He's the best and I couldn't ask for more. I am a lucky girlJ Thanks again for checking my 'ible out! Have a great time!

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