Introduction: Paper Flower Tea Light Candle Holder

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This beautiful Paper flower can be used as candle holder. The origami flower petals are easy to make and looks amazing when sticked together. You can also use these paper flowers as ornaments for christmas tree / for other decoration purposes.

This complex looking Paper Flower is easy to make, just follow along the instructions or checkout the video for more detailed process.


To make this, you will of course need some colour papers along with basic tools like, scissor, glue, pencil & a tool to draw circles ( If you don't have compass, you can use some jar lids of different sizes to draw the circles).

Step 1: Circles

Just draw 3 circles on coloured paper of around 6 cm, 7cm & 8cm ( 1 of each) & cut them.

Step 2: Fold

Now fold the smallest circle paper 3 times to get this shape.

Step 3: Pattern Making

Draw this pattern on the folded circle & cut as shown above.

Once opened, it will look like this.

(Check the video for full process in detail.)

Step 4: Pattern Making 2

Now on remaining 2 larger circles, draw this pattern & cut carefully.

(Check the video for full process in detail.)

Step 5: Folding the Pattern

Now cut a small hexagon of a cardboard & use it to shape the petals.

Shape the the petals upwords

Step 6: Stick Together to Get a Beautiful Paper Flower

Stick the petal patterns together to get this beautiful paper flower candle holder.

(Check the video for full process in detail.)