Introduction: Paper Garland Made of Paint Chips/Color Swatches

Whether you're looking for a way to spruce up your room or window, or just need to make inexpensive but colorful decorations for a party, color swatch garlands are the way to go. You can find swatches at any home improvement store (for free, might I add), and the rest of the supplies can be found almost anywhere (you're bound to already have some of these, as well!).

Step 1: Gather Needed Materials

The materials you will need are an assortment of color swatches, scissors or an xacto knife, some yarn, tape measure/ruler, a pencil, and a hole puncher.

Step 2: Cut Out One of the Swatches Into Your Desired Shape

Essentially this will act as a sort of template for your swatches. Here, I’ve cut a triangle out of this teal color swatch. Note: if using an exacto knife make sure to cut on a surface that you don’t mind getting scratches on.

Step 3: Use the First Shape As a Template for the Rest of the Swatches

Using your pencil, lightly trace your shape onto another color swatch and then proceed to cut it out. Continue doing this for the rest of your swatches to have uniform pieces.

Step 4: Hole Punch All of Your Pieces

Using the hole puncher, punch 2 holes close to the one edge of each of your shapes. In my triangle example, I punched two holes close to the corners of the larger side.

Tip: if you can, try to put all of your cut-outs on top of each other and punch holes in them at one time. This will allow you to holes that are more evenly spaced throughout the garland. If you can only punch them out one at a time, then just try to punch the holes around the same area (it does not need to be exact).

Step 5: Measure Out Your Yarn

If the garland is for an area that you can measure out without using a ruler (such as a window or a doorway), then you can simply tape one end of your yarn to the frame and roll it out till you get a desired length.

You can also use a measuring tape or ruler if you are unable to do the above or have access to the exact measurements of the wall or other area that the garland will be handing from.

Note: Because most garlands usually have a sloping valley (and are not straight), you will need to measure a few inches more than the length of your area (usually 1-3 in.).

Step 6: Thread the Yarn Through the Holes on Each Color Swatch

First, thread the yarn from behind the color swatch so that when the yarn comes out of the first hole, it is coming towards you.

Next, continue to thread the yarn in the next hole (on the same swatch), so when the yarn exits that hole, it should be going away from you.

Continue this pattern for the rest of your swatches.

Step 7: Arrange the Swatches

Lay the garland down and move the swatches so that there's an even amount of space between each piece so that the garland looks more uniform before hanging it. Be sure to create a U-shape, so that it will be more accurate when you go to hang it.

Step 8: Hang the Garland

You're almost done! Now hang your work in process on the doorway/window/area you want to hang it on. In order to create the gentle U-slope, make sure the yarn is not tight and that the two ends are about the same length on the area that you want to hang it on. This will allow the string to create this downward, U-shape.

If the swatches look off when you hang them, feel free to space them out accordingly while it is hanging.

Step 9: Admire Your Decorations

You're done! Congratulations! Your window or room is now poppin' and if these bad boys are hanging at a party, you can rest at ease, knowing that your guests will appreciate the splash of color!

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