Introduction: Paper Gun That Shoots Paper Bullets

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Hey guys!

Hope you're all doing good and staying healthy in this prevailing situation. Stay home and enjoy. Keep yourself engaged. So here I give you a way to keep yourself engaged. Do remember to be persistent while making the gun. You may make some minor errors while making the gun which you will understand only in the end. I myself made some errors while making, which I fixed in the end. Remember no problem is without a solution.

So let gear up and head to the making.


To make this gun you'll need the following things.

  • Lots of paper (obviously; its a paper gun)
  • Two ice-cream sticks
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Liquid glue
  • A pair of scissors
  • A cutter (or a blade. A cutter is safer)
  • a ruler (to measure)
  • A flat paintbrush (to spread the liquid glue-optional)
  • Scotch tape

Step 1:

We're going to be making the gun with referring to the diagram in the first image above. I recommend you to draw the diagram so that you can follow up and plan what to do. First, we will make all the rolls of paper. For your information, all the stick-like figures in the diagram are meant to be rolls of paper with holes in them. But don't you worry. I will show you all exactly how to make them. It is recommended that you use one colour for the paper rolls and one coloured paper for the red marked lines. At first, take a sheet of paper as shown above. Then roll the paper as small as possible with no hole in between from a corner as shown above. In the end, take a small piece of scotch tape and tape the end to the roll of paper. you'll get a roll of paper as shown in the last image above.

Step 2:

Take three sheets of paper and keep the paper roll you made on the sheet of paper along the vertical edge. Roll the paper over the roll. Then measure it on a ruler and cut the required length of the roll. After cutting the roll it will be used as any one of the paper rolls in the gun. In the same way, make all the rolls in the gun and line them so that they are easy to use. Then join them by using hot glue as shown above. You can use the blueprint for reference. That is why the blueprint is so important. To make the 30 cm rolls easier to make, roll the papers from the horizontal side or increase the horizontal side by sticking another paper horizontally. In this way, you can complete the structure of the gun.

Step 3:

Now take a blue sheet of paper and keep it diagonally. Then do step one on this sheet of paper. You'll get a paper roll like the one you got in step one. Then fold this roll such that they can go into the holes shown above. The hole below in which the paper goes is 30cm and the one above where the paper is there is 17cm. If a part of the roll comes out of the other hole in the 17cm roll, cut it such that only a little part of the role should project.

Step 4:

Take the portion of the 30cm roll just behind the paper roll that you inserted in step 3 and mark a small rectangle such that the width is just approximate to that of the paper roll. Then cut the mark open by using a cutter. I recommend that you take the help of an adult while doing all the cutting for this gun.

Step 5:

Take two ice cream sticks and glue them by using liquid glue. Then place the ice cream stick in the hole. you made in step 4. Then mark a hole such that a hole will be made through the paper roll and the ice cream stick. Then drill a hole through the marked hole and place a nail for tightening the ice cream stick. Then place the ice cream stick near to the paper roll and mark a horizontal line parallel to the paper roll as shown above and cut the ice cream stick along this line. To ensure that you did everything correctly till now, pull the paper roll that projects from inside the gun and looks like a trigger to see the ice cream stick moving back and forth.

Step 6:

Make a sheet of paper like the first image above. Then apply glue on the backside of the leftmost block as shown above and stick the other end. You'll get a paper block like the one shown above.

Step 7:

Now take the other 30cm roll attached to 14cm and 12cm paper rolls. Then mark a rectangle or a line as shown above by leaving some space from the right end as shown above. Cut this rectangle open as shown above and put the paper block you made in step 6 inside this opening. Glue this paper block to the side of the paper by using hot glue. Ensure that you can make something pass right through the 30cm paper roll, which means that the paper block shouldn't interrupt with the movement of the bullets.

Step 8:

Take a sheet of paper and do step one on this sheet of paper. Then take the section shown above. Put this paper roll inside the uppermost 5cm paper roll. Fold a part of the paper near to the paper block and glue it to the paper block using hot glue as shown above. Now cut and remove the part of the paper roll that projects out of the 5cm paper roll.

Step 9:

Take a cardboard sheet and draw 4 circles using any bottlecap. Then cut them using a cutter. Join two of the 4 to each other to get 2 thick circle pieces. Then cut each of the thick circle pieces to get 4 semicircle pieces as shown above.

Step 10:

Take 2 cardboard sheets of length 13cm*16cm and join them one on top of each other as shown above. Then take two of the semicircular pieces you made in step 9 and stick them on both sides of the cardboard sheet near to one of the edges with the diameter of the semicircle facing above. Ensure that the 2 pieces are placed parallel to each other. Then place the remaining two pieces on either side of the paper block you made in step 6. Place them such that when you keep the cardboard pieces as shown above the diameter of the circles faces each other. Then take two rubber bands and put one on each side along the curved edges of the semicircular pieces to tighten the cardboard piece.

Step 11:

Take a sheet of blue paper and cut a small strip of paper from it as shown above. Roll this strip using the small paper roll with no hole you made in step one. Try to make this as thick and small in size as possible as this is the base of the mechanism of the shooting of the gun. You can make changes if you feel that the small paper roll doesn't fulfil the mentioned criteria. This is very crucial for the proper working of the gun.

Roll the other part of the paper by using step one. Now put the roll on the paper roll without the hole. Ensure that the small paper roll is near to the end of the other roll. Put it between the 17cm and 30cm in the region shown above. Keep a small portion projecting from the right side of the small roll as shown above. Notice the portion that projects out of the region of the paper block you made in step 6 and cut it out as shown above. This is because the bullets will be kept inside the paper block and help in place by the cardboard piece. However, keep a very small portion projecting so that it will be easier to push the bullet out.

Then fold the right side of the small roll and cut off the parts of the roll that projects out of the region of the small paper roll as shown above. This will leave a very small roll on top of the small paper roll. Then take one or two rubber bands that are not too strong or too weak; just enough strong. Put the rubber bands in the space between the small roll and the roll on top of it. Then stick the paper roll to the small roll using hot glue or tape. Hot glue will be better. The rubber bands should be placed inside. Take the rubber band and put the rubber band on the other side of the 30cm paper roll. Or else, you can also keep it anywhere below. I have kept it below since the other way increase the pull. It depends on the circumstances and your mind.

Step 12:

Now we're going to try and make your gun look more like a real gun with a good design. This refers to the red lines I drew in the diagram. I recommend you to use one colour for these borders. I am using blue; you can use any colour. For this, you can use as many numbers of papers as possible. Take a sheet of blue paper and roll it as you did in step one, without any hole inside. We're going to start from the backside of the gun. Keep the roll on the backside as shown above and stick it there. Then fold the roll when it crosses that area and stick it on the lower portion of the gun as shown above. In the same way, you can make a border for the entire gun by referring to the red lines in the blueprint. However when the paper roll nears its end cut the extra parts before starting a new border using another sheet of paper.

Step 13:

Now actually your gun is ready. But don't you need bullets to shoot. So take a paper and cut a slanting sheet of paper as shown above. Then fold it without any hole from the larger side to the smaller side. In the end, apply some glue to keep the bullet as it is. After this glue dries, put some hot glue on the end to make the bullet more durable.

To reload, remove the cardboard piece and keep the bullets inside the paper block you made in step 6. You can put as many bullets as you want. Then put the cardboard piece back. Then shoot the bullet; not on some person.

Step 14: Last Finishing Touches

You can wrap a rubber band around the ice-cream stick to make shooting a bit easier. You can also leave a part of the border projecting in the shooting edge of the gun as shown above to make the gun look stylish.

Step 15: How to Shoot?

Pull the small paper roll on the other paper roll just below it as shown above and press the trigger. The ice-cream sticks' raised end will push the small roll above causing it to move forward in full speed since the rubber band is pulling it. It then pushes the bullet, in top speed which goes out of the gun towards the target.

Now go and enjoy with your new made gun. I enjoyed a lot with the gun. Enjoy the boring fruit of all the hard work that you put in the gun. It is really an innovative thing to make out of just paper.

See ya next time guys. Hope you enjoyed my instructable.

Good bye

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