Paper Mache 3d Hat (Scarlet Witch)

Introduction: Paper Mache 3d Hat (Scarlet Witch)

I'm entering a competition called Outside the Hatbox through a hatters' group - in which you have to create a hat, but you're not allowed to use traditional milinery materials (leather, straw, woolfelt, sinamay, jinsin, millinery wire, feathers etc).

So I decided to made a paper mache hat. There's been somewhat of a fashion for dish hats this year, so I thought I'd use this idea with something hidden inside.

I got the idea for the inside from the diorama that Lisa makes in the Simpsons (the Tell-Tale Heart). I'd recently got some old Marvel and DC comics from a vintage shop and one of my faves is the Avengers story that recounts the origin of the Scarlet Witch (and who's her daddy!).




-paper to rip into strips

-a print out of the thing you want to make 3D

-bowl to put the glue and water mix in

-something to mix with (old spoon)

-something to use as a mold (I used a wooden hat block)

-wire (I used the inside of fake flower stems)

-a headband (I used a coathanger because I couldn't use an aliceband)

Step 1: Step One - Making the Paper Mache

Mix one part glue to one part water (if you're using good thick glue...if its a bit runny then 3/4 glue to 1/4 water). Add a touch of salt to the mix. Apparently this helps stop the finished piece going mouldy.

Rip up strips of paper (I used some from a non-glossy paper magazine - slightly thicker than newpaper).

Cover the thing you're using as a mold with clingfilm/plastic wrap (tightly). I used a dish shaped hat block (wood).

Dip the strips in one at a time, run between your fingers to get off the excess glue. Layer on your mold, making sure to give an even spread.

Leave to dry (overnight).

When dry pull off of the mold.

Step 2: 3d Shape

Using a scanner (or taking a picture on a phone and mailing it to yourself), blow up to the correct size and then print out.

I chose to use the scene where the Scarlet Witch is returning to the Avengers mansion with her husband, The Vision, who is in a sort of coma. I liked that the scene stretched down the page and there was lots of laying in the image (people stood behind others/ things).

Carefully I cut out all the elements of the page, making sure to pay attention to any 'satellite' pieces - like She-Hulks leg.

Then I used the wire from the middle of a fake flower stem (as I wasn't allowed to use millinary wire). I did experiment with florist's wire but it was too weak.

I then eyeballed how long I wanted the wire, bent it and stuck it to the back of the outline using sticky tape.

In the mean time I painted the dish shape white and left it to dry.

Step 3: ....and Breathe

Okay I won't lie - the next bit is a bit of a pig to do if you're not inserting the wired pieces into a flat shape. As mine was a dish shape I had the added issue of plotting where the bit would go and how much wire would end up folded at the back.

I use scissors to punch the holes for the wire to go through (you want it to be a tight fit so don't make the hole too big).

As you can see from the side view the pieces are staggered to give a 3D effect.

Step 4: Finishing Up

For the reverse I created a montage of images of the Scarlet Witch in photoshop and printed it out to use as decoupage (sticking down lots of bits of paper, then coating the top with more glue to seal).

I used a coathanger for the headband and hot glued it on.

I also painted on some glue under the characters and threw in some blue glitter...coz glitter! :)

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    The 3d effect is so striking, and such a great tribute to one of my favorite comic book characters!