Introduction: Paper Origami Moravian Star - Aka Fold Paper a Billion Times

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Got a bunch of spare time? Want to do a repetitive task over and over and over.....

I thought so, of course you do. I can fold these stars while watching Netflix so certainly anyone can do this.

Super simple and fun craft project, I used the finished product in the baby nursery above the crib and another above the changing table. I have also hung these stars in the window display at my yoga studio during the winter months!

Step 1: Make a Woven Box

1. Four strips of paper in equal length (comes in various sizes but about 16 inches long)
2. Fold all pieces together in half making a crease then snip ends off at an angle (I do a curved angle for easier weaving).
3. Separate pieces of paper but keep folded.
4. Take one folded piece with opening at top and fold towards yourself.
4. Take second strip, open the crease to make a loop with end of strip to the right.
5. Slide first strip into second to make a T shape.
6. Take third strip with end towards yourself and open crease and slide second strip through it.
7. Take last strip with end to the left md open the crease sliding the third strip through.
8. Take the fourth strip ends and slide both through your first strip of paper opening at crease.
9. Slide and the pieces towards center.
BOOM- you should have a little woven box
10. Take the top left strip and fold down over square and crease.
11. Take bottom right strip and fold up over square and crease.
12. Take right strip and weave over first strip and under next going to the left.
13. Repeat same thing with left strip, over and under to the right.
TA DA! Woven box base!

Step 2: Make Those Pointy Points- Like a Ninja Throwing Star

1. Take the top right strip, fold away and to the right, crease it into the triangle shape, rest of strip becoming parallel with the strips pointing to the right.
2. Same strip fold it towards yourself and to the left making a mirrored triangle image of your first crease making a mountain.
3. Fold the mountain right down the center inwards(left).
4. The remaining of that strip needs to be woven into our base so take the strip and fold up and crease up at base of your new triangle shape.
5. Take end of same strip and weave under the first box of your base and down.
6. Rotate your entire paper creation a quarter turn to the left.
REPEAT same process to create a triangle point for each side, only difference is when you are weaving your strip you will need to left up an excess strip to find the box to weave under.
GUESS WHAT.....gotta turn your entire paper creation over and repeat process again!

Step 3: Make It 3D You Sexy Crafter

1. Pick a strip to make a loop going down and to the right.
2. Take open end and slide under the corresponding woven box opposite of original strip.
3. Take strip next to the one you just completed and repeat the same steps (will have to lift up a different strip when weaving under.
REPEAT on all strips, BOTH sides!

Step 4: Hardest Step Yet. Trim Ends. Read With Sarcasm.

1. You read the title, just trim excess ends.
VIOLA! You rock.

First star is always trial and error so be patient!

You can use the star accordingly for decorations. I like to use a clear thick string to hand the stars from various items!

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