Introduction: Paper Portfolio

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A simple to make Cardboard Portfolio.

Items needed:

1. CardBoard Box

2. Scissors

3. 2" tape, any type

4. Utility knife

5. ruler/straight edge

6. hole punch, if available or scissor point will do

7. string, any type

Step 1: Cut Box to Size of Portfolio

Cut the box to size you want for the portfolio

Step 2: Bend Card Board

Bend cardboard making sure to leave a 2' overage on on flap.

Step 3: Tape Edges of Cardboard

Tape all edges of cardboard.

The 2" flap should be completely taped.

Step 4: Install Handle

Cut two slits on edge of flap for the sting to go through.

Tie string together.

Tape string outside 2" flap

Step 5: Tie Down

Punch a hole in the center of the 2" flap.

Punch another hole about an 1/2" under the flap on the folded front of the portfolio.

Punch two holes on each side of the portfolio and run the string through the hole tyng a knot at each end to secure the contents.

Step 6: Paper Portfolio

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