Paper Pouch, With Easy Steps.(you Probably Won't Like It...)

Introduction: Paper Pouch, With Easy Steps.(you Probably Won't Like It...)

This pouch has super easy steps and requires few materials. It can also expand though it looks thin. It can be easy to rip, since it is paper. But it can't easily be bended by things, other than hands. It is like a piece of paper, but is hard to rip!


1 sheet paper



Step 1: 1 Sheet of Paper

Fold the paper, and it should look like the image.

Step 2: No More Titles... Other Than Last Step.

then, fold the paper in half, and make sure from lengthwise.

Step 3:

Put the sticking out sides of paper inside the fold, and line it up with the fold next to it. Then smush the whole thing and looks like and inequal hexagon.

Step 4:

Now, fold the hexagon's smaller sided ono both sides of paper. should look like 2nd image.

Step 5:

last, put the tape on the used-to-be-hexagon's sides, so that the pouch doesn't rip or deform.

Step 6: Testing!(optional)

fold the napkins, so that it can fit inside the pouch. Stuff the pouch with folded napkins. Then, see if it rips it or not. Probably won't rip.(Don't go overboard)

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    11 days ago

    Nice project you made

    Dexter Song
    Dexter Song

    Reply 10 days ago

    when you see your profile picture and then the thank you message, I heard the voice of moldy sponge bob in my head.