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Introduction: Paper Roll Minion

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Ever wondered how to make a paper roll minion? Well this very simple instructable will help you! Hope you enjoy! Im entering this in the paper contest as a first time author!


Pen or pencil
Light Blue paper
Blue paper
Black paper
1 or 2 googly eyes
Canadian toonie

Step 1: Paint

First, paint the paper roll yellow.

Step 2: Overalls

Then, cut a strip of blue paper and glue it on the roll like this.

Step 3: Strap

After, glue on a strip of black paper to make the straps on the goggles.

Step 4: Eyes

Then, use the toonie to trace a circle. Cut out that circle. Glue it onto the googly eye. Glue the googly eye onto the black strap.

Step 5: Hair

Almost done! The last step is to cut a few black strips for the little tufts of hair. Glue them on like this. Now you are done! Thanks for making my project!

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    Alex in NZ
    Alex in NZ

    2 years ago

    Not "Belo papagena," but "Belo papergena!"

    Beautiful. Many thanks for sharing your work, and good luck in the competition :-)