Paper Spinners



Introduction: Paper Spinners

My name is Raf and I am doing a high school project. I made a spinner out of just one piece of paper and thought it needed color so I did a thing. hope you enjoy

Materials needed

2 pieces of Paper with color of choice im going to be using blue and orange (or use one paper for the same color)

Something to cut the paper like scissors

*That's it*

note the type of paper doesn't matter as long as its a full piece of paper, the way im going to show you will give you two spinners

Step 1: Fold Your Paper

Take the two pieces of paper and fold them in half from the top to the bottom

If you are using one piece of paper then just fold the one paper in half

Step 2: Cut Paper in Two From the Line

Cut both papers in half making 4 pieces

Cut the one paper in half

Step 3: Fold the Papers HOTDOG Style

Fold all four papers from the left side of the paper to the right

Fold just the two papers if you started with one

Step 4: Fold Corners

Take one of the pieces of paper take one corner and fold it inwards. Then take the opposite corner of the paper and do it again. Repeat for all papers

Step 5: Place on Top of Each Other

Take one paper of each color and place them on each other using the flat part of the papers

It doesn't matter which paper goes on top

Step 6: Folding Inwards

Fold which ever paper that is on the bottom in so the triangular part overlaps the middle part of the top layer.

Step 7: Continue Folding Inward

Fold the next triangular on the right on top of the first fold

Step 8: Again

Fold in again with the other side of the paper that was on the bottom.

Step 9: Last One

This step is a little tricky but isn't hard.

You have to put the last part into the first fold after you do that it will stay in place and your spinner is done

Step 10: The Spinner Part

The last thing you need to do is fold the end product from the corners. This makes it so there is a small point so the paper can spin

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