Introduction: Paper Star

This is how to make a paper star

Step 1: Step 1: Draw Your Diamond

In this step you should do your best to draw a perfect diamond(rhombus) shape otherwise the star will look strange.

Step 2: Step 2: Make Your Stencil

Cut out the drawing from the last step while trying to keep the sheet intact(this is not necessary but helpful). Glue this cutout to the sheet and using the rest of the sheet trace the other diamond next to the one you just glued

Step 3: Step 3: Make the Points

*sorry about the pictures they were taken on my phone*

1. Trace the diamond thing onto a piece of cardstock (any color will do I just chose these for my mom).

2. Draw glue tabs on the star for later.

3. Cut out the shape

4. Fold the shape in half

5. Unfold the shape and fold the halves in half (you should end up with three folds)

6. Glue the longer sides together using the tab from step 2

7. repeat 1-6 four more times (you should end up with five points)

Step 4: Step 4: Make the Actual Star

1. Using the points from the last step glue the remaining tabs to the inside of the next tab.

2.Repeat this three more times.

3. Finally put the last point into the shape (I had to rock it in and flatten the star)

**this was my first time ever making one of these stars. I saw one in a store and I looked at it and made it(I think it turned out good though)**

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