Introduction: Paper Strandbeest Mk 2

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I made the Paper Strandbeest a while ago(It was my first instructable) And I finally updated it with a real working version! The old one had only 2 leg segments(4 legs total) and it could not walk well. The new one now has 3 leg segments(6 total) and can walk well. The old version is now going to be outdated to this version, but I will keep it up for people who linked to it, it being my first instructable, etc

Anyways, to the instructable! 

Step 1: Supplies Needed

You need:
  • Scissors
  • Printer
  • Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Tack or Pin
  • At least 4 big paperclips
  • Thick Paper(The paper used in my other instructables)

Step 2: Print Out the Template

I now made an actual template, not just a scanned image. Print it out twice, in case if you make mistakes.
I have this image here as a filler

Step 3: Glue It On, Then Cut It Out

Get the printed pieces, glue them on the thick paper

Then when they dry, cut them out and glue then again on another piece of thick paper. When that dries cut them out and poke a hole where the template tells it to. I dont have many pictures here because I didnt print it out, my printer broke. Though I have a few pictures of them being glued and cut out, but it doesnt look like the template.

While you're waiting, cut out pieces of paperclips about 1cm long, cut 4 for each leg, 24 total

Step 4: Put the Segments Together

Get the parts for one leg, then using pliers, put a paperclip piece in as shown in the picture 2. Then follow the pictures to make one. Do this step 6 times to get the six legs

Step 5: Make the Axis

Sorry about no pictures of the axis, I had to make the axis as i was putting it all together, so I hope these instructions are sufficient enough.
You should do this at the same time with the next step, or it would be very hard to put together.

Get the extra paperclip, it has to be very long. Bend it so it is straight, then measure about 1cm in and bend at a right angle. Then about at half an inch bend again at a right angle. Bend again at a right angle at about 0.5 an inch in. At half a cm in bend it at a right angle one third foward than the last one. Do the steps again 2 times to get 3 indents,refer to the first picture

Step 6: Put the Segments on the Axis

It is hard to explain, so please refer to the pictures

Step 7: Put It All Together

Print out the template for the top and glue it on the thick paper. cut it out and bend where both of the lines are.Then poke a hole where the little scribbles are(i made it in about 5 minutes, i couldn't find the circle tool)

Step 8: You Are Now Done!

Congratulation if you actually built this!
The first person to make one will get a patch!

Also, I made a video of it, i havent added a motor to it, yet:

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