Introduction: Paperclip Bow

If you have a few unbent paperclips and nothing to do with them try this. BTW for ammunition use a few ink cartridges. I do not take blame if you injure someone

Step 1: Preparation

Take your 2 paperclips and unbend them into 2 straight lines. Bend one into a re-curve shape(like above), and leave the second one alone for now.

Step 2:

Bend the 2 ends of the re-curve paperclip into small open loops (I recommend using pliers).

Step 3:

Take your rubber band and place it in one of the loops and close the loop with pliers.

Step 4:

Twist your rubber band to add tension and while keeping it twisted hook it under the other loop of the paperclip and close it.

Step 5: Reinforcment

Take your second paperclip and twist it around the first to reinforce it.

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