Introduction: Paracord Key Chain

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Ever lost one key that you need in a big pile of keys and it takes forever to find it? Well, This is an easy way to keep track of your keys and it will only take around five minutes! All you need is some paracord, a key, and glue (optional). I found a key that I was looking for in a big pile of keys and thought that I might as well make a marker for it and I thought I might as well use paracord.

Step 1: Tie the First Knot

First you are going to put the end of the para cord and tie a loose knot. Make sure there it still room to thread more paracord in.
(Sorry the picture is kind of blurry)

Step 2: Thread the Paracord Through the Knot

Then make a loop and make sure that there is plenty of room to weave on and three the end through the knot and tighten the knot.

Step 3: Weaving

Now all you have to is weave over one strand, then under that same strand and back over the other one. Then under the other one and just keep repeating until you think it's long enough.

Step 4: Tying the Final Knot

Once you like the length of your weaving (I left a little bit of l the loop exposed for hanging it on hooks and stuff but you can do whatever you want) then you need to twist the top (loop) and then put the end of the paracord through the loop and then make a little opening in between two of the cords (as shown above) and tighten the knot. Then just cut off the excess paracord and your done!

Note: You also might want to add a little bit of glue to the knots so they don't come undone

Also you can make different colored key chains for different keys and make yourself even more organized and make life easier.

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