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Introduction: Paracord Key Chain Lanyard

About: I am a missionary kid living in Kenya. I like making anything I can, but resources are limited so I have to be creative.

I have tried to find a way to make a lanyard that could hold a lot of paracord, but I could only find ways that look good but don't hold a lot of paracord. I wanted a lanyard that could hold my keys to my belt loop, could be removed quickly and easily, hold at least 10 feet of paracord, and could be unraveled fast if the need arose. So I decided to make my own design. Here I will show you how to make it.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials that are needed for the lanyard:
Paracord (mine used 10 ft)
Key rings
A scrap of wood
Two small nails

Materials needed for the leather snap:
Scrap of leather
A magnetic snap (like this)

Tools needed:
Knife or razor blade

Step 2: Making the Jig

First you need to measure on the board how long you want your lanyard to be (including the rings as shown). Then mark it with the pen. After that nail the two nails in partially, so that the rings can go over them.

Step 3: Making the Core of the Lanyard: Step One

First you will need to melt the ends of your paracord so it will not fray. When that is done, put one of the ends of the paracord through one of the key rings. Then hold the ends of the paracord together, and pull gently until it is tight. That way the ring is in the center of the paracord.

Step 4: Making the Core of the Lanyard: Step Two

After you have centered the paracord, take BOTH ends and pass it through the left loop. Then take both ends and pass it through the right loop. Repeat until it is thick enough for you.

Step 5: Winding the Outside of the Lanyard

So when you have finished making the core, just take the two pieces of paracord and start winding them tightly around the core as shown. Continue until you have reached the top.

Step 6: Tying Up the Loose Ends

First you will need to enlarge the hole at the top with something like a pen. Then put one end of the paracord through, and pull at the other side until it becomes tight. Then repeat for the second end if the paracord. Then you need to pry up one of the rings of paracord, and push the ends of the paracord under it. The pull until tight. Repeat wherever and however you want until the excess is packed away. Or, you can just trim the excess and re-melt the ends.

Step 7: The Leather Snap: Part One

To make the leather snap, first you need to measure how big you want the leather to be. Mine was about 5" long, and 3/4" wide. Then, mark where you want the magnetic snaps to be placed.

Step 8: The Leather Snap: Part Two

Then you will need to make some slots in the leather for the magnetic snap to go into. After that install the snaps in place, and then bend the prongs flat onto the leather. To finish, you will need to cut the hole for the key ring to go in.

Step 9: Done!

Now you are done with this project! Thanks for reading!

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2 years ago

I like it. I would skip the ring between the leather and parachord. go straight from cord to leather.