Introduction: Paracord Lanyard

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in this instructable i will be showing you how to make a paracord lanyard that can be used for hanging keys or anything else.
I encourage you to make a better version of this guide,i know its pretty bad to someone who isnt good with paracord

Step 1: Tools and Materials

2 pieces of 1 meter long paracord (around 3.5 feet,muricans)
1 carabiner
1 clip thingy or a key ring
baby zip tie(optional)

Step 2: Starting/preparations

now ,we start making it. put 1 cord through the carabiner and the other one between the 2 ends of the first cord.if you want to,hold it all together with a zip tie.All 4 ends should be the same length so adjust them before starting

Step 3: Starting the Braid

it is called a four strand round braid , if you do not understand my instructions,check tyingitalltogether(TIAT)'s video for the 4 strand round braid.
SO to make it easier you can hook the carabiner somewhere and do not rotate it all untill you understand the pattern while doing this: front strand goes back over the other cord to the right,back strand goes to the front left side- picture 1. right strand goes over the two from picture 1, in front of the other side of the same cord,left cord goes away from you- picture 2.Keep doing like this(front on the right ,back on the left,(pic 1), right in front of left,left behind the right or find a video,its hard to explain without a video :/

Step 4: Keep Going

once you understand how it goes , it's pretty easy. keep braiding till you reach the desired length or are left with less than 20 cm of paracord

Step 5: Finishing

when you reach your desired length,it should look like picture 1. now to finish it ,put the clip/key ring through the end of the cord not on top,and go over the two pieces on top,and then under the cord that went over it,next to the same piece ...damnit just do like it is in the picture 2 and turn around for left side then ,after tightening it will look like picture 3