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Introduction: Paracord Medical Alert Bracelet

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A medical alert bracelet is a bracelet that is worn if a person with a pre-existing condition, such as diabetes, asthma, heart problems, falls unconscious due to that condition.

When paramedics arrive, they will use the bracelet to help the person recover. They can also be used as Medical ID bracelets, such as Road ID for cyclists, that list important info such as blood type, contacts to call, name, birth date, etc in case the person is rendered incapable to communicate.

And as bracelets go, if you are a guy, you probably want a manly bracelet to wear. This guy will do the trick.

You can make it in a variety of colors such as team colors or camouflage.

Another great feature of this bracelet is its survival uses: if you are in the great outdoors, this bracelet is the one for you: the 7-10 feet of paracord contained in it can be unraveled for emergency use, and the dog tag can be used as a mirror signaling device.

So: this device could be a literal lifesaver whether you are lost in the wilderness or lying unconscious on a gurney.

You can buy these types of bracelets online, but there is something about having an item you made yourself that makes all the difference.

This bracelet uses flatlines woven into the cobra weave to attach a tag to the bracelet. If you have made a cobra weave bracelet before, this will be a breeze.

Step 1: Materials

Materials needed:

Paracord- One or two colors.



Buckle-I used 3/8 inch, but for a beginner that is too small. Try 1/2" or 5/8".

Tag-You can use a regular dog tag, I bought mine on Sticky

Step 2: Attatching the Cord

Measure your wrist in inches and use that as feet (let's say 7 inches-that would mean 7 feet ). Add 6 inches for safety (7 feet 6 inches). Cut that length of paracord in the color you want to be the main color.

Double the original length (7" x 2= 14 inches) and add 2 inches for safety (16") and cut that length of paracord using the other color of paracord.

Gut the shorter length of cord (take out the inner fibers).

Fold the longer cord in half and use a cow hitch (aka Lark's Head) to attach the longer length of paracord to one buckle. Make sure the lengths of both sides are even.

Thread the other end through the opposite buckle like picture 4 (thread it through the top side of the buckle, not through the bottom).

Thread the gutted paracord/flatline through the buckle you just threaded as in picture 6. Stop when it is halfway through and fold it over to touch ends like in picture 7. Leave it stretched out when you begin the weave.

Step 3: Starting the Weave

Pick one of the two long cords to start with. Drape the cord across the main body of the bracelet. Place the other cord perpendicular to and above the first. Pull the second cord under the main body and through the gap created by the first cord.

If you have ever made a cobra weave bracelet, this is pretty much the same idea.

On the first weave, let the knot form above of the flatline. On the second weave, use the same technique but from the opposite side. However, on this weave, pull the upper flatline half over the knot when it is formed.

Continue this pattern- alternate left and right cords and alternate the flatline snaking under and over the knot.

What about the bottom half of the flatline?

Let the weave go under it. The bottom half should remain hidden under the weave, not snaking in and out like the top half. The bottom half of the flatline exists only to tether the top half.

Step 4: Adding the Tag

Once you get to 1/3 of the bracelet completed, line up the tag to see where it should be added. There should be an equal amount of space on the bracelet on either side of the tag when it is attached. You want the tag to be directly opposite of the buckle when the bracelet is fastened.

When you have found where you want to add the tag, continue the weaving pattern until you get to that spot. Then, thread the flatline through one of the holes on the tag. Weave the pattern on top of the flatline to secure it. Weave down until you get to the spot where the other end of the tag should be added. Again, thread the flatline through, secure it and continue the weave pattern (flatline under, flatline over), until you reach the buckle.


When you are weaving the section underneath the tag, do not snake the flatline. Leave it under the weave until it is used to attach the tag.

Step 5: Cleaning Up

Start with the main color of paracord. Snip one of those cords as short as you can and melt the end with a lighter. Press it into the weave using the butt of the lighter.

Do the same with the other cord.

On the flatline, cut them and melt the ends of them into the weave as well. Try to keep it stuck by using the wax as glue. There are probably neater ways to do this, but this is the way I do it. Feel free to experiment. You could also try melting the flatlines together.

Step 6: Completed!


If you are reading this, I hope you have finished the bracelet (or decided to make one).

I hope it never needs to be used for any reason (except fashion of course:).

Thanks for reading!

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