Paracord Pegboard Lanyard (space Saving Shop Hack)

Introduction: Paracord Pegboard Lanyard (space Saving Shop Hack)

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Afternoon Tinkers, Inventors Hackers and Makers. I have been going stir crazy with the cold and figured to be a better TinkerGNome I needed to revisit my work space. Currently I don't have enough storage for my tools and project bits. I am planning on using quite a quantity of pegboard in the coming months however the problem I have always had were that long hooks bent when you put heavy things on them like a hammer. I like my hammers and I want the ability to hang them, without constantly picking them off the floor.

While shoveling the driveway I was thinking about various things while I work as I am prone to do when the thought of cool WW2 British commando gear popped into my head. They had these toggle ropes that they used to make longer rope and also garrote those unlucky enough to be encountered on a mission.

Hmm a garrote is a loop of cordage. The best cordage is 550 paracord. I may have to make small loops of paracord to hang my heavy tools.

So I tied up 2 one using a 12 inch length of cord and another using a 24 inch length of cord. As you can see from the pictures they work well for small items like a roll of tape,

12 inch lengh of cordage wound up being a bit too short. The 24 seems to be a bit too long. so lets go with 18 inch lengths. However if it is up to you feel free to use what ever length works for you.

They seem to work well enough with heavy objects such as my drills, Dremels, and drills with Dremels. The toggles also seems to work well with small tools and objects of pecular shape like cans of PVC Primer.

In the next step I will show you what I did.

Step 1: Tie One On.

Materials Required
• Pegboard (already mounted)
• Pegboard hook - Small
• Paracord- 7 strand 550lb break strength, or other small diameter strong cordage.
• Cutting tool - scissors, knife, etc...
• Flame source - lighter, matches, etc...
• Crimping tool - pliers, rocks, etc...
• Measuring tool - Ruler, tape measure, your cousins foot, etc...

Tie it up
1. Cut a length of cord about 18 inches in length.
2. Gather both free ends of the length of cord and tie a overhand knot to make your loop.
3. Heat the ends of the cordage then crimp to prevent fraying.
4. Wrap the loop around the tool to be hung up and feed the knot through forming a hitch.
5. Hang tool on peg.

The below is a Animated GIF at 640 x 480 if for some reason the GIF does not display the next step contains the individual frames.

small animation

Step 2: Step by Step Images

Mrs. GNome asked if there was a way to slow down the animation if one wanted a single picture so this step is for her.

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