Introduction: Paracord Mirror Medallion

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Lovely Knotty People LOL,

I am really enjoying working with paracord and every other day I am learning something new. The recent paracord contest had some amazing ibles, I have learned so much from them. Also I am spending some time reading book from

I was trying to find some sort of knot which could allow me to wrap something without getting slipped. For example wrapping a photo frame or something. honestly I wanted to wrap a large round mirror using paracord that can be hung on a wall.

Recently I have learned this knot called round brocade knot, if you have worked or seen macrame craft, you might find this name familiar. I guess this is a some Chinese knot.

Anyway.... while working on this knot the idea of mirror medallion came up. And wouldn't it be nice so have some mirror while you try to camouflage yourself for surviving the wild ...LOL

It is a easy knot, let's see how you can make this awesome mirror medallion.

Step 1: Usual Paracord Stuff

You would need:

  1. Some paracord, don't worry about length , you will eventually know how much you would need.
  2. A cigarette lighter.
  3. A sharp scissor .
  4. Some craft mirrors, mine was 1" round.

Step 2: The Making

Why round brocade knot it perfect for wrapping objects especially round objects? You will find this yourself as you move on.

See images above and follow, some images have marked instructions which are difficult to explain in words alone.

  1. Decide on how long you want the medallion to hang. Let's say you decide 12 inch.
  2. Leave the 12 inch cord and make a loop, keep it pressed with your thumb.
  3. Make another loop with right cord so that the pattern look like a M shape.
  4. Insert the loop on right into the loop you are holding with your left thumb.
  5. Twist the inserted loop gently towards right.
  6. Carefully tighten the left loop to secure the right loop inside.
  7. Pull the right cord to make the loop slightly smaller. (See 4th image in sequence.) This is important
  8. Keep repeating from 3-7.
  10. As you proceed, try to wrap the arrangement around mirror (see image where I have used red cord) to see if you have to make more knots, IMHO you will always make one less knot, so that when you stretch it, the pattern becomes tight.
  11. In the end, each end of pattern will have a loop with open cords.
  12. Cut the right cord to 12 inch of length and singe with lighter.

Step 3: Secure the Mirror

See images above and follow:

  1. Insert the right end of cord inside the right loop, adjust the cord to make loop little smaller but not too tight.
  2. Pass through the right cord inside the left loop such that left cord is below it.
  3. Return the right cord back inside the right loop but from left side.
  4. Adjust both the loops carefully to make them firm.
  5. Pull right cord to bring the two ends together.
  6. Insert the mirror and adjust such that the mirror edges sit inside the tiny canal formed inside due to continuous knot pattern. This is the reason why this knot it suitable for wrapping objects (see image where I have used the red cord).
  7. Pull both the cords to make the arrangement tight and also make sure the mirror is in place. At this time, if you want you may apply some glue inside the mirror edges to fix the mirror permanently.
  8. Tie a simple knot to protect the cord from loosing.
  9. Join the ends using a simple knot.. OPTIONAL: If you want to make the length of the cord to be adjustable, add a wooden or acrylic bead in the end and tie a square knot. See last 4 images.

Your awesome mirror medallion is ready :).

Thank you for your time to read this ible, I hope you have enjoyed it. Please share your feedback, comments or suggestions in the comments below. If you choose to make it, please share your work using the 'I made it ' button.

You are awesome :)

Stay Tuned :)

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