Party Dress (celebrity Style) Without Sewing.



Introduction: Party Dress (celebrity Style) Without Sewing.

About: I am studying.learner,creative,artist.and I am very lazy to say about me.

NOTE: May be my images look not good because I have no camera I am using my Nokia E5. But you can understand my idea is enough for me.whenever I get my new camera I will post good images it's my promise. :)

Actually I am a fashion designer but I don't have a sewing machine and also don't know about stitching.{yeah embarrassing moment that I can't stitch :( } .so when I saw DIY dress contest here first I planned hand stich dress but suddenly my mind said hand stitch dress is bad idea so after long thinking I decided to make a dress without sewing.and finally I got amazing idea. even I also don't believe on my amazing finally my hard thinking plan is successful. Bravo bravo!!! :D

This is a red carpet style party This idea any one can make dress.also useful as halloween dress .I wish I can wear as prom dress too.

I think this design is very attractive to Plus size figure.

Step 1: Materials You Need.

  • Here you need silk fabric 3-4 mtrs depends howmuch long you want (here I used My mom's old saari god!!!she will gonna kill me :D)
  • diamond Lace 1.5mtrs long
  • scissor
  • tape measure

Step 2: Cut Fabric.

  • First wear strapless bra now measure your bust size.
  • Now fold the fabric in equal part.
  • As shown in image mark 2 points at the middle according to your size and cut it but careful .This is strapless bust cut part so cut less .wear it and check it's perfect fit or not.I prefer tight to wear
  • Now take both sides end part of fabric and cut straight line at middle, size is right shoulder to left bust (cross measure)see Image If you can't understand.

Tann tannnan!!!! Its ready to wear . :D

Step 3: Wear It.

First take right end side of fabric and wear it on right side shoulder so left side bust can be hide like shown in image . adjust fabric on the body.

Now take another side of fabric wrap from your back side and wear on left shoulder for cover right bust.again adjust properly. hahahaha look at me in the image.this is also one design.

Now go to center part cutting (hands up!!! and) wear it from the head . wait !!!wear slowly slowly ,it can be tight at shoulder so careful and do not tear the's important otherwise it will loose at bust and not fit to bust.

And Its done.look my right side,left and back side.. I am cover at all...

Step 4: Final Touch.

adjust the dress properly. fold strips of shoulder.

For a final touch take diamond lace,wrap it on your waist and tie ends . some lace wear on neck as necklace . and ready to hit the party. whohowhoooo!!!

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