Introduction: Passcode Locked Trap Door in Minecraft

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Hello! In this instructable I will show you how to build a kind of hidden passcode locked piston trapdoor!
This contraption works in all editions of minecraft

Step 1: Materials

You will need...

Redstone torches
Some blocks of your choice
And a dispenser

Step 2: Planning

Dig out a 7x4x2 area the red block is to mark where you will be falling down.
I would suggest putting water at the bottom so that you don't die.

Step 3: Starting Out

Place any block of your choice in the right hand side of the hole in the shape shown in the picture

Step 4:

Place a single block in the back of your hole one block away from the shape you just made

Step 5:

Make a backwards L shape as shown in the picture

Step 6:

Place a Redstone torch on the single block that you placed earlier on

Step 7:

And another torch here

Step 8:

Put 3 Redstone dust as shown

Step 9:

Then add a repeater going out of the Redstone dust

Step 10:

Then 3 more Redstone going towards the block that the torch is on

Step 11:

Add a sticky piston make sure it's sticky it should extend

Step 12:

Now it gets a little bit tricky put a comparator on the backwards L shape going into the part that sticks up

Step 13:

Add a dispenser on the left of the hole that you made as shown above

Step 14:

Put a hopper make sure it goes into the dispenser

Step 15:

Put a hopper on top of the other one

Step 16:

Name 4 blocks of wool with an anvil but name it with random numbers and letters as shown name every piece of wool differently

Step 17: The Password

Name 64 of the same item to use as your key make sure no-one else knows the password after that put 18 of your keys in the bottom hopper

Step 18:

Put your 4 wool in the same hopper as your keys

Step 19:

Put hoppers going down into your base leading to a chest

Step 20: Patching Everything Up

Put some dirt next to the piston

Step 21:

Then patch the rest up as shown above

Step 22: Finished!

Now you can test out your new trapdoor put 1 of your key into the hopper then fall down into your base. Good luck and have fun!