Introduction: Passive Infrared Motion Detector + Pet Tutor Pro With Bluetooth

This Instructable is used to demonstrate how the Seeed PIR ( can be used to detect a person and trigger a Smart Animal Training Systems Pet Tutor Pro with Bluetooth ( to dispense kibbles.

Things to do before the steps

  1. This project requires you be familiar with creating Arduino sketches plus have setup the command-line-interface (CLI) Loader for your Arduino platform of choice (see "CLI Loader" to program the PunchThrough Design Bean+. I used a Raspberry Pi 3 ( ) for my Arduino setup. You only have to setup the Arduino integrated development environment (IDE) once .
  2. Get the sketch code (Arduino sketches) from GitHub at There is a folder for the basic PIR demo and a folder for the PIR to Pet Tutor use.

Step 1: Connect the Bean+ and PIR Module

A basic PIR demo only requires the Bean+ and the PIR detector. It is good to see this demo first so as to check the PIR is working as expected.

The hardware required for this step includes:

The PIR module comes with a cable that fits into the PIR module and the Bean+ using the Grove interface. Plug the cable into the Bean+ plug labeled "I2C" and the other end into the PIR module.

Step 2: Load the Demo Sketch

Load the PIR and Bean+ demo sketch (the pir-basic-demo folder in GitHub) in your Arduino editor. Make sure the Arduino IDE board is set to a Bean+ and the "programmer" is set to "Bean Loader" (both under "Tools" menu).

Click the "Upload" icon to compile the sketch in the Arduino IDE (see included screen shot).

Using the command line interface (CLI) loader, upload the compiled sketch to the Bean+ and then waving your hand over the PIR.

  • The PIR does require it to "warm up" for about 60 seconds. Once warmed up, the hand waving over the PIR will be pretty consistent.
  • See attached video.

Step 3: Now Try the PIR to Pet Tutor Sketch

The hardware required for this step to function includes everything for the PIR basic demo (previous steps) plus:

You also need to load the Pet Tutor iOS or Andrioid app on to your iPhone or iPad

The Arduino sketch is used to allow the Bean+ to use the Seeed PIR, or passive infra red, motion detector to detect motion and request the Pet Tutor Blu app to trigger the Pet Tutor Blu feeder to dispense kibbles.

The PIR does have about 120° of view, so to keep the PIR detection focused it helps to put the PIR module in a tube aimed at the area you want to watch. The demo video included highlights how interaction works.

Use cases for a PIR, Bean+, and Pet Tutor Pro with Bluetooth
How can the ability to detect a person or motion be of help in training pets? Below are some use cases.

  • Delivery person arriving and the dog always barks: The PIR could be placed to notice the delivery person and dispense a kibble as part of training to be quiet.
  • A dog training setting, kennel, or shelter where there are many dogs in crates and a trainer or support person is walking down the aisle: The PIR could be set to trigger the feeder in advance of the person reaching a crate.