Introduction: Peach Banana Smoothie

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Smoothie day again! I have fruit in the house, so I might as well use it. :)

This came out so refreshing and tasty, that I just have to share it. :)

1 peach
1 banana
Sugar (optional)
Orange juice
Ice (optional)

*Serves about 3. Makes .75 Liters.

Step 1: Get Ingredients & Throw 'Em In

Cut up the peach and banana into slices, and throw it into the blender. (I discarded the skin of the peach.)

Put in 1 cup of orange juice, and blend it.

Here, you can toss in some ice. I put in about 1 cup of small ice cubes (11 cubes). I think I could have used a little less ice, but I love how cold it gets.

Step 2: More Ingredients Thrown Together

After blending in your previous ingredients, add in a spoonful of yogurt, and a spoonful of sugar to taste. Mix it well!

Step 3: Serve!

Serve in a tall glass and enjoy!