Pebbly Rubberized Finish

Introduction: Pebbly Rubberized Finish

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Add a nice, tactile feel to your gadgets, tools, weapons, etc. by applying semi-dry droplets of Plasti-Dip aerosol spray for a thick, textured rubber finish.

Read the directions on the aerosol can first and make sure your object surface is clean. Then, hold the spray can about two to three feet over the object and spray several bursts. The spray mist turns into droplets and semi-coagulates as it falls through the air. Apply a thin pebbly coat, LET IT DRY for a while then apply another coat the same way. If you don't let each coat dry at least 30-45 minutes (with a fan) they will blend together and end up smooth, instead pebbly like you want.

After three or four coats, let if cure overnight. The result is a grippy, good looking finish that holds up well to wear, deadens sound, insulates, cushions the object and enables a good grip even when damp. Metal objects are more comfortably handled when hot or cold with this coating.

Plasti-Dip is available in clear, black, red, white, blue, gray, pink, purple, camo green or tan, copper and silver metallized, gold, translucent smoke gray, bright green and bright orange.

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    Plasti dip is awesome stuff, but it takes some practice in getting the finish you want. If you apply it from too far away you end up with an almost furry texture.


    7 years ago

    That is very handy to know! Thanks for the info.