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Introduction: Pegasus Noodle Horse

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I needed a special horse for an upcoming Derby Luncheon at our local Wood Badge Scouting event. So I went to the basement to see what I could scounge up to use to make one. After digging through my scraps and searching online for ideas I had all kinds materials to make what I wanted.

FYI you can find many versions of the stick horses online.

Since I'm personally an Eagle (Critter in Wood Badge) I added Wings to my trusty stead. Which gave me a hybrid Eagle Horse or aka: Pegasus. I’ve named him Ol’ Blue a retired Pegasus rescued from a glue factory. Even though I ended up using a lot of hot glue on him. (Har Har)

Step 1: ​Items Used:

Items used, in order they were used:

  1. Foam Pool Noodle
  2. White Twine
  3. Duct Tape
  4. Hot Glue
  5. Xacto Knife
  6. Black Felt
  7. Tan Felt
  8. 1 Scrap Foam sheet
  9. Scissors
  10. Silver Sharpie
  11. Leather Cord (left over from my many woggle making)
  12. Blue Felt
  13. Red Felt
  14. Red Sparkle Star

Step 2: Step 2: Bend and Bind

Depending on the size noodle you have, you’ll want to bend the noodle down about a foot or 12”. (I hope yours doesn't smell as bad with chlorine as mine does). I tied a piece of white twine around the front (nose) portion. Then cinching up the twine around the back side looping it around a couple times (tightening as you go). Then I looped through the gap and cinching it tight as well. Tie it off and cut excess. Then I took the duct tape and looped it around the nose and body of the noodle covering the string.

Step 3: Step 3: Make Ears and Fix to Head

I took black and tan felt to make the ears. I hot glued two pieces together. About 12” x 4” each. Folding it in half with the tan on the inside. I then tucked and pulled this piece through the opening between the nose and body of the head.

Test this first for positioning and to make sure you have the right size. Before putting back into final position cut the ears shape to a pointed shape on either end. Fold and tuck back up into position. Using hot glue up towards the top edge to help keep the ears pointed upward.

Step 4: Step 4: Make the Mane and Fix to Back and Head

Using a two pieces of black felt about 12” long and 4” wide. I layed these together and cutting a curved stripes or “V’s” along the edge going only about 3” deep inward. Keeping in mind you’ll want to angle downward at one end then as you get towards the other end angling towards the other end as they will be on the front of the horse face.

With these made I cut a slit on the back at the base of the top side of the duct tape in as straight a line up to and over the top edge of the face. About a 1/2” deep. Not so deep it splits open the noodle. Take the uncut or straight edge of the the mane and start wedging it into the cut slit. You may need to use a screwdriver to help tuck it in. Continue until it is all in place. Split the two pieces apart and fan to either side. Put a bead of hot glue along the under side of each side to help keep the mane in place.

Step 5: Step 5: Make Eyes and Bridle Bling

I used a scrap foam sheet to make the eyes and the bridle bit bling for either side of the bridle. I drew appropriate size circles for the eyes about 1.5” then cut them out with scissors. For the pupils on the eyes I used Blue felt and cut out two circles about quarter size eyes or about 1”.

I glued these together with hot glue and placed them on the face of the horse about and inch down below the ears. The bridle bit sides I cut two circles about 2.5”. My wife had some metallic red stars from some of her left over school supplies. I hot glued these to the center of each side. Then hot glued to each side of the horses bridle position on the duct tape between the leather corded bridle.

Step 6: Step 6: Make the Wings and Attach

Again using the foam sheet I had I cut the remainder in half. This way You’ll end up with similar sized wings. First draw out your wing as best you can (picture Thors wings on the side of his helmet) I basically drew the outer shape first. Then cut it out with scissors. Laying it down on the second half of the foam sheet trace it and cut out the second wing. Then draw out using your preferred choice of sharpie (I used a silver sharpie) the feathers on the each side of the wings.

To add them to the horse, I cut a slit (just like I did for the mane) long enough to put the lead edge of the wings into position. Again about the same depth .5” deep. Wedged each wing into the slit (be sure to have the wings in the upward positions) Add a bead of hot glue on the top (back side) edge of the wings to help keep them in position. If you want you can bend the foam to try and get a more wing shaped look. But I found the foam tends to fall back to its flat shape. Only a little bend remains but that's ok for me.

Step 7: ​Step 7: Make Bridle and Reins

I had some thick leather cord left over from back in the day (my Wood Badge course) that I used to tie the course Woggles (Turks Head Knot). So I poked a hole through the noodle from the profile side to the other profile side of the horses nose above and below the duct tape big enough to feed through my cord.

Now I had to play with the length to get the correct amount to create the bridle and reins. I fed through the bottom first then wrapping around and feeding back through again then looping up to and through the top holes. You’ll have to keep playing with positioning to keep it as centered as possible so the reins when brought around to the back of the horse they’ll be the same length. Once you have it adjusted properly tie a square knot to join them together.

Step 8: Step 8: Add Saddle (optional)

Not really needed but I was in the mood. I took a piece of tan felt (about 6” wide) and hot glued it wrapping around the body of the noodle. I cut a red piece of felt about 8” long and 4” wide for the seat and hot glued it long ways along the back of the noodle over the tan felt. I added two 6” black stripes of felt along the seat and the wrap around tan felt to simulate the saddle.

When I get pics of Ol’ Blue an my self in action at the luncheon I’ll be sure to post here.

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    Nice horse!