Pen/ Pencil Stand With Pencil Sharpener

Introduction: Pen/ Pencil Stand With Pencil Sharpener

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So,I was browsing on the internet blaring my music system at full volume with headphones on, when I saw this really cool vintage tape recorder. I stopped the music, took the headphones off, and stared at that beauty for 2 minutes. It had been quite a time since I had even looked at one of these. I suddenly remembered the days of good, tape music. The sight of those tapes lying besides gave me a encouragement push to go look at my own neglected collection.

So, when I saw my tapes catching up dust and cobwebs, I really ought to give them a new life. So I constructed a pen/pencil stand-cum-sharpener. Here I take a plunge to either destroy my tapes or make them into a beautiful stand. ( It was quite successful, as you see above, in the picture. :D)

Don't get bewildered by seeing the number of steps. I broke it down into many because I thought the more detailed, the better . But actually it's as easy as 1-2-3...!

And for this instructable too... Hehe.. :D

Step 1: Things You Need to Have

Here is the list of things that I used :

1. Old cassettes (You can't get new ones, right...? ._.)

2. A bit of superglue; FeviKwik, as we call it in India. <Glue guns are better actually, but I didn't have one...>

3. Good quality paper tape <Optional, if the above is not available.>

4. A sharpener <Also, optional. IF you won't like to have a sharpener there. Just a stand is pretty good too! :D>

5. A printer <You know what.>

Step 2: Plan It Out!

Planing simply needs 2 to 3 things...

1. Do I have enough time?
2. Do I have all the supplies?
3. Is what I am doing hurting others?

Planning your things really helps you and it can really lead to less confusion afterwards when you are stuck somewhere, wondering what to do...!

So, when you have done so, let's begin!

Step 3: The Basic Structure

The normal cassette measures 10 cm x 6.4 cm. We will tape it (or stick it) along its 10 cm side. See the image for a better explanation.

Step 4: Start the Taping (or Sticking)

Now, just tape (or stick) the two edges as shown in the picture above.

IMPORTANT NOTE:- Being as easy as it is, there is just one thing you have to keep in mind. Stick the fat side with the slim side and not the slim with slim or fat with fat. See the annotation and the other image for a better explanation.

Step 5: The 'U'

Stick the 3rd cassette in the same way i.e. fat side with slim side.

It should look like an incomplete 'U'.

Step 6: The Decision

Now at this point, you could either improve its functionality by adding a sharpener or just be happy with a stand :D !

So, if you decide to add the sharpener, then proceed to the next step. If not, then:-

Paste the last cassette just like every other, and proceed to the 8th step for adding the base. It would look like the image above.

Step 7: The Sharpener

Decided to take the plunge, huh?
Cool enough!

Its really not as much difficult as the hype I'm making. It is broken down into 3 little steps.

1. Align the sharpener hole with the cassettes'.
2. Invert the sharpener so that the blade is facing downwards now.
3. Cool! Now just tape it tightly taking care that you don't tape the side with the blade.

The reason for doing it is that the garbage that falls out can be thrown afterwards. If it is facing downwards, it would result in crappy area and ultimately blockade of the sharpener. Make sure you do this, then.

When you've done this, just attempt step 6, with the modified cassette.

[Here is the video describing how to do it.]

Step 8: Prep the First Base

So as you can see, the stand is still hollow and if we put pens in the stand, they would just slide out!
So to prevent this we will build a base; rather bases. We will get to why in the next step.

I used pieces of simple card sheets. Get these anywhere. Yes, anywhere. You can use any other material as long as it is sturdy and stiff enough to hold the weight of you pens, pencils and other stationery.

The first one is this: if you did not put the sharpner there, then you have to build just one. Just cut out a cardboard sheet the size of the base of your cassette stand and stick it there. Voila! Work complete!

P.S. Cut out another carboard sheet just the same size for the next step. :D

Step 9: The Second Base

Second base is just so that your stationery is protected from falling when you open the down base to empty the garbage collected there after sharpening. I know this sounds a bit confusing, but the pics will help you along.

1. Remember the sheet i asked you to cut in the step before? Time to use it! Trim its edges a little so that it exactly fits inside your stand. (You may have to use some measurements here!)

2. Align that square with the big hole and push it downwards until you reach the sharpener there.

3. Tape it!

Step 10: Fancy Print

If you want to cover up the tape or just maybe want to make it look fancy, print out a 29x4 (cm) piece of paper and stick it to form a loop. Now slide this down the stand. Pretty rad!

Step 11: You Are Done

You're done! You just need to test it out. Put a pencil in the sharpener and give it a go. If your pencil gets sharpened properly, get happy. Now for the second part. Open the downmost base and if you get the litter out, then its perfect! if you don't then you may have placed the blade improperly and not like i said or you may not have sharpened the pencil very much...

Just put the blade in proper position, and you have completed your cassette pen/pencil stand with/without a sharpener.

Above is my second completition of this project.

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