Introduction: Pencil Case From Old Fabric

When I was a child, my mother and I used to convert old fabrics into pencil cases from time to time.

I find it a great way to reuse old fabrics while designing your own one of a kind pencil case.


  • Old fabric/shirt/jeans cut into 2 rectangles of 22x11cm each (Use of fabric scissors and tape measure is recommended)
  • 18 cm zip (could be found at eBay)
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Pins
  • Fabric pencil

Step 1: Sew the Zip and One Fabric Rectangle

  • Open the zip.

  • Take one fabric rectangle and locate the zip upside down on the right side (beautiful side) of the fabric. Use pins to set it (see photo 1).

  • Sew the zip and the fabric (as close as possible to the teeth). Remove the pins when you are done (see photos 2 and 3).

Step 2: Sew the Zip and Second Fabric Rectangle

  • Repeat the previous step with the second fabric rectangle (see photos)

Step 3: Sew the Fabric Rectangles Together

  • Close the zip halfway.
  • Fold the sewed fabric and zip in half to create a perfect rectangle, while the pull tab is facing down. Use pins to set them and mark the top stop and the bottom stop locations with a fabric pencil (see photo 1).
  • Start sewing in rectangle shape, starting from the top stop to the bottom stop. Leave about 1 cm from the edges. Remove the pins when you are done (see photo 2).

Step 4: Flip It Inside Out

  • Flip it inside out - You are done. Congratulations!