Introduction: Pencil and Paper Thank You Card

This is a step-by-step instruction on how to make this greeting card using a Circuit paper cutter and Cuttlebug paper embosser. This super cute card is easy to put together and give away. I made it be a "thank you" card but with a different stamp it could be for anything.


-Circuit cutter and matt

- Simply Charmed Circuit cartridge

-Various coloured cardstock

-Zig Zag embossing folder

- Cuttlebug embosser and platforms

-Paper cutter and scissors


-"Thank You" stamp from the "Best of Greetings" Stampin' Up Stamp Set

-Stampin' Up "Smokey Slate" ink pad

-Stampin' Up Stamp-a-ma-jig and

*You will be unable to make this without the Circuit cutter.*

Step 1: Circuit Cutter Pencil and Paper

*To make sure you have everything you need collect the supplies and lay them out. This will make it easier to assemble everything and keep it together.*

Cut out all needed layers and pieces of the paper and pencil charm.

Make sure to cut out the black background of the charms, they give the charms faces!

I made them 3" (pencil) and 4" (paper), but you are able to make them any size you wish. These sizes just fit well on my card.

Step 2: Assemble the Charms

Using adhesive (i.e tape runner or glue stick), put the pieces of the paper and pencil together.

Make sure to keep all the smaller pieces together so none are lost. The cheeks are quite small.

Step 3: Stamp on the "Thank You"

You can put the pencil to the side for now. The focus is the paper.

Put your stamp on a stamp block and ink it using the stamp pad

Using the Stamp-a-ma-jig line up the stamp with where you want the thank you to go


Step 4: Emboss the Paper!

Place the coloured paper inside the embossing folder of choice (I used Zig Zag)

Using the Cuttlebug and the appropriate platforms place the folder between the platforms and crank the platform through the Cuttlebug.

The paper should come out with the design embossed on it. If it is not desired look, put it back through.

Step 5: Attach the Pencil to the Paper

Using a strong adhesive attach the pencil to the paper in whatever position you think looks better.

Make sure not to overlap the faces.

Step 6: Attach Everything to the Card

Once again using strong adhesive attach the paper+pencil to the embossed cardstock and than to the front of the card.

*Make sure you are attaching it to the front of the card, right-side up*

Step 7: You Have a Card!

You now have a personalized card that is one of a kind.

Fill this card out and give it to friends or family.

(Tell them it's homemade, their less likely to throw it away after you leave)

Thanks for reading! :)

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