Introduction: Penelope the Giraffe

Penelope is a giraffe made with K'nex pieces. She has wheels to move around and a best friend named Charlie the Cat.

Step 1: Materials

In order to make Penelope, one needs:

  • Four K'nex wheels
  • Two rods that look like they may glow in the dark but don't
  • Fourteen yellow rods
  • Four blue rods
  • Two white rods
  • Four grey one side K'nex pieces
  • Sixteen purple connectors
  • Four yellow connectors
  • Seven red connectors

Step 2: Formation of the Base

Connect eight purple connectors and then put four aside. Connect yellow rods to the center slots

Step 3: Addition of the Wheels

Slide the Wheels onto the yellow rods without connectors on the ends. Connect the rods to the empty middle slot of the opposite pieces empty connector. You should have a square with four wheels on it.

Step 4: Completing the Wheels

Add the grey one sided connection pieces to the yellow rod on the inside of the wheels to keep them in place. Allow a little space for the wheels to rotate smoothly.

Step 5: Forming the Body

Add yellow rods going straight up from the purple connection pieces. Then add four of the connected purple connection pieces to the tops of the yellow rods pointing up so that the bottom slots are used.

Step 6: Completing the Body Structure

Add yellow rods going straight across to connect to the purple connectors horizontally.

Step 7: Adding the Tail

Put a red connection piece onto the yellow rod in the back of the cube body structure, causing the wheels to point forward. Add a blue rod th the top of the red connection piece as shown.

Step 8: Neck Base

Put two red connection pieces onto the yellow top front rod with the bottom slot of the red connection so that the top slot is diagonally pointing upward.

Step 9: Making the Neck

Connect the two pieces that look like they glow in the dark but don't (I checked) to the top slot on the red connectors.

Step 10: Creating the Head

Add yellow connectors to the rods with the second slot from the flat side with the flat side facing up. Add white rods to the slot next to the flat sides on the far side of the yellow connectors. Add a lat yellow connector onto the ends of the white rods using the second slot from the flat side and once again face the flat side up.

Step 11: Completing the Head

Add blue rods to the top or unused slots on the yellow flat pieces, connecting both sides of the neck as shown.

Step 12: Neck Base Structure

Add a blue rod connecting the remaining slots on the red connector at the bottom of the neck.

Step 13: Neck Support Structure

Build the above structure with two yellow rods and four red pieces.

Step 14: Support Connections

Connect one to the blue rod at the base of the neck and the yellow rod at the back on one side of the tail.

Step 15: Support Connection Continued

Do the same with the other, except connect it to the yellow rod at the other side of the tail.


Congratulations! You have completed Penelope the Giraffe! If you have time and enjoy building with K'nex, go try building Charlie the Cat.