Pepper Steak

Introduction: Pepper Steak

Hello, this recipe is a guide to make a delicious pepper steak dinner. While most people may think making different styled cuisine is difficult, this recipe is simple and easy to follow. It also does not require many materials, which contributes to the simplicity of making the dish. Little to no cooking experience is needed. The design is ideally for a family of four, but can be modified as needed and should take about an hour to prepare.


Stew steak cuts (1 pack)

Green Bell Pepper (3)

White Onion (1)

Brown gravy packet (2)

Oyster Sauce (2 tablespoons) - Can be found in world foods in Asian section

Worcestershire Sauce (2 tablespoons - Usually found near barbecue sauce

Salt (1 teaspoon)

Pepper (2 teaspoons)

Lawry’s Seasoned Salt

Garlic Powder

Olive Oil

White Rice (4 cups)- 5 minute rice works great

Step 1: Marinate Steak

For best results marinate steak overnight with a pinch of salt, teaspoon of black pepper, a teaspoon of Lawry’s seasoned salt and 3 tablespoons of olive oil and refrigerate. I like garlic so I also added a teaspoon of minced garlic (optional).

Step 2: Cut Veggies

The next day take marinated steak bites out of the fridge. Cut bell pepper and onion into cubes or squares and set to the side in a bowl.

Step 3: Cooking Meat

Take marinated steak and prepare in a medium sized pan by first pouring a quarter size amount of olive oil into the pan and cooking on medium heat. I like my steak cooked medium so I cooked for about 3 minutes on each side. Times will vary for well cooked steak (about 5 minutes on each side). It would be a good idea to keep in mind the steak will be cooked more in later steps so it can be taken off heat earlier than recommendations so it is not overcooked.

Step 4: Add in Veggies

Once the steak is cooking in the pan add the bell pepper and onion into the same pan and sauté for 5 minutes (while steak is cooking on the second side), before removing from heat and putting it to the side to cool down. You don't want your veggies to be cooked for too long otherwise they will no longer have nutrients, do not cook over 5 minutes.

Step 5: Sauce

To prepare the sauce for this dish we will start by making the gravy as directed on the packet, make sure stove is on medium heat and empty packet contents into a large pot then, gradually add cold water to mixture as packet indicates 1 cup per packet (in this case a total of 3 cups of water).

Step 6: Add More Sauces

Once the gravy has come to a boil turn heat down to “low” or “simmer”. Now add the oyster sauce and Worcestershire sauce (2 tablespoons each) and stir thoroughly for 1 minute. If your sauce is too thick you can add water bit by bit to thin out.

Step 7: Add Steak and Veggies

Add in already cooked steak bites and veggies to the sauce mixture and stir, let sit for 5 minutes (still on low) then remove from heat. If you have not cooked veggies or steak enough prior to this step, you may want to leave on stove for a bit longer to get desired texture.

Step 8: Rice

With another pot begin white rice, for this recipe I used 5 minute rice for quick results. A total of 4 cups of rice were added to boiling water, season as desired. It is a good idea to add a pinch of salt and ½ stick of unsalted butter for flavor.

Step 9: Wait

Once the rice is added to the boiling water remove the pot from heat and let sit, gradually stirring as needed for 5 minutes, or until the water is gone.

Step 10: Serve

Scoop a cup of rice into a bowl and add gravy, vegetable, and steak mixture. Eat and enjoy!

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