Introduction: Perfect Bikini: Cheap, Eco-friendly, Covers Up the Bad and Flaunts the Good

Bikinis offer no support, show off what you want to hide, and you are never sure if you can jump off something safely. Old school swimsuits cover everything up and flatten your chest. If you are self conscious about your arms or thighs, it stinks that those are the only parts of you that are naked. It would be great to draw the attention away from that and on to your better parts.

So here's my solution, a suit hides the bad and flaunts the good. It's super easy (I can't sew) and it probably wont cost you anything.

What you need:

- An old swimsuit, the kind people wear to lap swim at the municipal pool, they have them at Goodwill for two bucks if you don't have one. It just has to fit and be a pattern you like, don't waste money on a new one, the older ones are better made and you wont look like everyone else, plus it's green.
- A needle, you could probably do this on a machine, unfortunately I don't have one.
- Dental Floss, or thread, I use floss, doubled over because it's a lot sturdier, I am active in my suit.
- A mirror, to check yourself out in, no really, it's necessary.
- About 6" of ribbon, cloth, or some other magical material to make your cleavage.

Step One: Flip over the suit so the back is facing up and cut it in two. These suits backs usually dip way down and that is actually good.You want to cut as close to the top as you can while still having the sides connect with about an inch for a seam.

Step Two: Put it on. Fold the bottom down so you have a seam and sew along the bottom. You want it to be high up like granny panties. The dip most bikinis have show off pudge. A higher waist magically erases it. I sew the bottom while it's still and just do a straight line. Since suits stretch sewing it while it's on ensures that the seam isn't too tight and that everything you want to cover is covered.

Step Three: You should look like you are wearing a tankini. Roll (not fold) up all that extra material so it is under your breasts. This will work like an underwire, giving you support and ensuring you wont fall out. Since it is just suit material, it is also super comfy.
If you have one of the suits with the built in sports bra that's an added bonus. In that case you would want to flip the suit inside out and sew the rolled up suit to the bottom of the built in bra. Again, I sew it while it's on me to ensure a perfect fit.

Step Four: Now you look like you are wearing a sports bra, that is not sexy. Take a piece of ribbon, or any material will probably do, and sew a loop in the center.  Don't quote me on six inches, try holding a piece in place and see what looks good. Remember to add a little extra. You want to seam on each end of the ribbon, especially if you are using ribbon (that stuff frays.) Sew the too ends (doubled over so there's a seam) together, and presto, cleavage that wont fall out.

Step Five: Find some water. I like to bridge jump so I wanted something cute that would be safe for that.

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