Introduction: Perk-a-cola

Are you looking for a subtle gamer touch to display to your friends, or are you a gamer with a zombies overdose? Well whatever your reason perk-a-cola is a cheap and subtle touch to your domain that adds that gamer flare that everyone is very proud of. Prepubescent teens spouting profanity towards you or your birth givers not included.


Step 1: Gathering Materials


Jones sodas, Sunkist glass bottles, (Color for every perk), label paper, a printer, food coloring or other sodas, flask and measuring cup, Bucket of warm water, Graphics from this site(), and dioder lights (optional) Enable paints matching each color you want to have.

Step 2: Acquire Soda

Step 1)

This will be the hardest step depending on your location, go to either Hannaford or local stop and shops and look for Jones soda, if you manage to obtain them for every Jones soda include one glass Sunkist bottle and one extra just in case.

Step 3: Let Is Soaaak

Step 2)

Take a clean bucket and fill it with hot water and put the Sunkist bottles inside (keep the extra separate), then insert the bucket in the largest sink possible. Then submerge the glass bottles for 2 hours or more.

Step 4: Using Your Time Wisely

Step 3)

While waiting for the bottles, move your focus to a color printer you have access to. Download the file (,d.cWc) then use label paper (you can find this at a school and supplies store such as staples and print out the labels.) to print out the cap and bottle covers and take either scissors or another precision cutting tool and carefully cut them out (do not peel yet!.

Step 5: Accuracy Matters.

Step 4) After

having the labels printed out, put them aside and gather your jones soda one Sunkist bottle, funnel, and a measuring cup. The first thing you want to do is take the extra bottle of Sunkist and pour it into the measuring cup to accurately fill each bottle equally. Once you have the measurement write it down and enjoy the refreshing taste of orange soda.

Step 6: Preparing for the Ceremony

Step 5)

When the timer goes off its time to remove the bottles from the water and place them on a towel. After soaking the bottles for so long for so long the labels and glue should swipe right off. Once the bottle is clear prep them for the exchange of sodas.

Step 7: Swapping of the Soda's

Step 6)

Once again acquire your measuring cup and funnel and repeat step 4 until you have empty Sunkist bottles. Now take your jones soda and begin to fill them equally up to the same level in the measuring cup that you recorded then use your funnel to ensure that the liquid does not spill and it all is put in the bottle; then separate the caps from the bottles and thoroughly dry them both.

Step 8: Accuracy Still Matters.

Step 7)

Start painting the caps to match the color of the drink and the label of each perk-a-cola then begin to place tape 2 inches from the center of the label to help make sure the label will be placed correctly. After the paint dries it’s time for the final step.

Step 9: Display for the Eyes of Mortals.

Step 8)

Take the bottles and make sure the caps are super tight then put the bottles on display, If you are looking for a cooler more attractive show case add dioder lights underneath and watch them glow just like in the game! Enjoy!