Personal Bukkit Server Setup (mac Only)

Introduction: Personal Bukkit Server Setup (mac Only)

here I teach you how to add a bukkit server ,I do this because I struggled In unimaginable ways getting this to work and I dont want others to drown In anger as they try to create a server to add plugins like voxel sniper(my reason for creating a server).

here Is the method I created my server.

Step 1: Help From Minituff , Helpful Guy Really.


first we are going to Install some files to help us In the process , first we are going to downlaod minituff's server files that we are going to partially use In our server setup , download;

It should come In a zip file , double click It and It will extract the files,

a file called server-minituff will appear , double click It.

Step 2: Minecraft_server.jar

next , double click the minecraft_server.jar.webloc and It will redirect you to a official minecraft page and automatically download a jar file called minecraft_server.jar.

Step 3: Start.command

next open text edit and change the file to plain text file and copy this inside:

cd "$(dirname "$0")" exec java -Xmx1G -Xms1G -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui

(to open it as plain text , click on format on the top bar and click on plain text. it will ask if you are sure , and you are.)

then close the file and rename it to start.command

after you finished the file pull it into your server.

you are set to run your server now , goodbye.

just joking you dont have a server yet , wanna learn how to get one , continue.

Step 4: CraftBukkit

next you want to download your preferred version of CraftBukkit (1.x.x) , link;

download's for 1.13 till 1.0.0

create a folder and rename It to server and put the craftbukkit.jar file and rename It to... craftbukkit .

Step 5: AutoBukkitServer

now u r ready to create your server , press on this link to download AutoBukkitServer ;

here Is a walkthrough on how to download the generator

press the link

click download , you will be directed to another page

scroll down

under assets click

or just click this link to automatically download the file.

Step 6: Server Properties

It comes as a zip file,

extract the files and you will get the AutoMCserver application , double click It and simply choose you customizations for your server.

must ; in basic configuration

server; spigot bukkit vanilla .

maximum ram , type down atleast half of your mac ram , how to find out how much ram your computer has ? you press the apple Icon In the top left corner of your screen and then click on about this mac , it should be stated as memory there.

Initial op ; op Is who is given admin permission , other players can be added Inside server.

the rest is up to you , server properties.

Its best to install your minecraft server folder on your desktop so we can configure it.

the server download is going to take a long time so hunker down , also sometimes it passes 100% to do some extra modification , dunno what tho.

Step 7: You Server Is COMPLETE , Just How Do I Start It Now.

you will come back to find a file called minecraft on your desktop , thats your server.

the terminal will open , after It stops writing stuff just close it .

next rename minecraft (not the game) the server , not required , just not to be confused.

Step 8: Extra Step

want to modify your server properties even more? do not modify this file unless you know how to .

In the server folder right click and open with text edit , you can edit the block threshhold and startup gamemode and so on.

just close the window It automatically saves your changes.

Step 9: Activate Me , Says the Server

double click the server folder , and pull In start.command and minecraft_server , now you are ready to run your server , BUT , you still cant connect , next.

Step 10: Portmap

next you want to download portmap , link:

the picture highlights the download link (click the picture)

Step 11: Opening Portmap

it will come as a zip file

double click it and extract port map from the zip file

double click port map and enter it

dont mind the minecraft connection , it does not exist.

press the + sign in the bottom left corner and copy this down;


presets^ do nothing

local port: 25565

desired public port:25565

protocol (check box) udp(check this box)

description: leave empty

refrence string: leave empty

click on add mapping


now you have connected a minecraft port that acts as a , i gues beacon to connect you to your server

btw you HAVE to have this on to connect to your server

now you are nearly done , just hold on.

Step 12: Run the Server , Now

now open your server folder

open a fresh terminal:

type down chmod a+x " with a space in the end pull in the start.command and press enter , do not copy the written down on this page , it does not work if you copy it , litteraly.

after you press enter it should not respond with any commands it should just connect you automatically now you are done

double click start.command file to start your server .

now let it download libraries and your connection , beware , in the log it states your minecraft version , if it is not what you downloaded go find some help on how to change the version.

Step 13: Online

your server is done and online to stop the server just type stop in the same terminal window that ran your server,

next enter minecraft and go to multiplayer then direct connect , type down localhost and enter and it should connect you to your server,

if you connect and find out that you cant place blocks then return to the terminal window and type op<username> and it should give you admin permission.

Step 14: Plugins

first download a plugin and it must be the same version as the server to work

next stop your server

go into your server folder you will find another folder inside called plugins pull your plugin in there

start your server from the server.command

to check if they connected and work

go to the run terminal and type in plugins without a dash or anything special , it should show all added plugins , if it shows your plugin then it worked if it doesnt then it did not work .

thats all i can help , thank you if i helped you

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    9 months ago

    Possibly the worst tutorial I have ever seen. Might work, definitely not efficiently.

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    Welcome to the Instructables community. Thanks for sharing your tutorial with everyone.


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    Thank you.