Introduction: Personalized Bedside Lamp With Customizable Shades and Todo-List

A bedroom is a place which you want to preserve for yourself, keep it quiet and calm.

Bedroom Lamps plays an essential role in making you feel relaxed. And that's why Bedside Lamps are Essential for Every Bedroom. It's always expensive to have Bedside Lamp for every bedroom and buy according to their likes is a too tedious task.

So in this instructable, I'm going to explain how to Create a Personalized Bedside Lamp with Custom Shades and Todo list.

Step 1: Supplies

  • Cardboard
  • Light Bulb
  • Lantern power cord with bulb socket
  • Hand-held Paper/Board Cutter Knife with Extra Blades(at least 7 Extra Blades)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Hot Glue & Fevicol(Optional)
  • Ice Cream Sticks - 25 Sticks
  • Tapes - Double Side Tape, Cello Tapes
  • Spiral Binding Sheet - 3
  • Color Paper Sheet - 3
  • Glittering Sheet - 3
  • White Board Marker

Step 2: Creation of Basement

  • Don't Forget

Always check out the sharpness / Replace with new blades of your cardboard-cutter before starting.

  • Beware

Use moderate Speed while cutting cardboard, because too fast/ high pressure may lead to skids you most of the time.


- Using a Ruler and Pencil Draw a Square(18cm) and Cut out with Cutter.

- Draw 3 Rectangle shape for base walls(18cm length & 4.5cm height)

- Use Glue to stick the rectangle walls in 3 corners of the base(in my case I used fevicol glue) u can use hotGlue too

- Glue the ice cream sticks to stick inside corners of the baseballs as shown in the image.

Step 3: Creation of Large-Wall for Large Support

- Draw a Rectangle(18cm width 45cm height) and cut out.

- Now Fold bottom(15cm)place that 15cm inside the square base.

- Mark the line( the position is shown in the image) and make a thin line like a gap.

- After that Insert that SquareBase to that hole.

- use ur glue in that 15cm Bottom and Stick it with SqaureBase and now glue the line gap of large wall & base (as shown in the image)

Step 4: Positioning the Lamp Inside the Base

- Place the holder center of the Base and mark the circle using Pencil.

- Now take that holder to check out the marks.

- Using Double-sided Tape stick 3 Pieces inside the circle(as shown in the image).

- Place and Position the holder over the tape Gentle First and Strong after placing it correctly.

- Using Pencil Mark the hole for the lamp wire( Check

Step 5: Make Way for the Wires Out

- Find the comfortable center position in the large wall.

- Using Pencil mark the position and cut like a straight thin line( as shown in the image.

- After cutting make a small hole, now gently insert the wire into that hole through the thin line cut

Step 6: Creation of Lamp Walls

- Create 3 Pieces of Square walls(18cm )

- fold 1cm inside(as shown in the image)

- Glue the corners

- (for Fevicol Glue User) u can use ice cream stick for Supports

- u can use Hot Glue if u have one ( i didn't get hot glue during this process so I used fevicol as an alternative)

Step 7: Placing the Lamp Walls

- Take the lamp-walls and mark the height in the large walls.

- Now use ur Ruler to Draw a line to the height of the lamp-wall.

- Use Cutter and Cut it Nicely.

- Take a lamp-wall check out the gap for insertion.

- Make ur Adjustment for the walls till it nicely fits into that gap.

- Do this same process for other walls too.

Step 8: Checking / Analyzing Walls Positions

-This Step is Very Important

- In this step, we need to find out errors.

- check out the walls positions and placements

- Use Glue and Ice Cream Stick at needed places( like folded corners as shown in the image)

- if you are using Fevicol glue means it takes extra time.

- Make ur Lamp ON and test, it shows u unwanted gapes, fix that too

Step 9: Creation of To-do List Walls

- Create 3 Rectangle shape(length 18cm & height 7.5cm) for to-do list walls

- Fold the 3 corners(1cm) inside.

- Insert the 4th corner into the large-wall(as shown in the image)

- Finally to-do list walls also ready.

Step 10: Creation of Color Shade Screen for To-do List Walls

- Replace cutter blades with the new one.

- Cut out the to-do walls leaving 1cm in all corners.

- Measure the to-do list wall and cut out the spiral binding sheet and place it inside the walls(as shown in the image)

- Do the same thing for all 3 walls

Step 11: Creation of Color Shade Screens for Lamp Walls

- Cut the lamp walls leaving 1cm in all corners. (as shown in the image)

- Measure the size of the lamp walls and cut the spiral sheet accordingly

- And place it inside the wall.

- use ice cream stick for support. ( as shown in the image)

Step 12: Creation of Patterns

- Use any type of color sheet for making ur patterns.

- Measure the wall size and mark in the color sheet.

- Now Draw ur pattern in the color sheet.

- Replace the cutter blades with the new one

- Cut out the unwanted parts in the drawings ( as shown in the image)

- Do the same steps for all the remaining walls.

- Use a small bit of spiral binding sheet for support in the corner( as shown in the image)

Step 13: Little Fixing

- if ur pattern cutting falls like this, then use cello tape to stick in some parts of the patterns.

Step 14: Findings Patterns in Invitation Cards

- U can cut out patterns from invitation cards too. (Yeah I got this Pattern from a Marriage Invitation Card)

- Measure the size of the lamp-wall and cut this card accordingly.

Step 15: Placing and Adjusting the Screen Into the Walls

- Place the screens inside the wall

- Use a little bit of Spiral binding sheet in the corner for the support( as shown in the image)

- Use ice cream stick in the corner of the walls for the support.

Step 16: Placing the Lamp Walls

- Insert all the lamp walls according to their places as shown in the image.

Step 17: Make Shine Everywhere

- Now take out the glittering sheet and cut out into 4 Pieces 6cm each.

Step 18: Creation of Coverings Part-1 (Base)

- Place Glitter base walls gently and check out the Measurings with that cardboard walls, make necessary changes like height and length adjustment if needed.

- Use Hot Glue to stick that glitter sheet to that cardboard walls.

- Use Double-sided tape to fill the gaps if any

Step 19: Creation of Coverings Part-2 (Structure)

- Stick the Glitter sheet from base to top one by one

- Use Double Sided Tape if Needed.

- Always Check the Measurement of all sides

- Place the Todo list walls on the top of the Lamp walls and apply Glue at the required sides and corner.

- Apply little Glue at top Cover, Because we want to open the Lamp and Customize the Color Screen and Pattern Shades.

Step 20: Finished Product

- Looks we all Finished, But not yet..

- if u saw any gaps, then fix it with Hot Glue and Double-sided Tape

Step 21: Outputs of Day Light With Flash ON

- Daylight Clicks with Flash Light ON

Step 22: Outputs of Dark Room Flash-OFF

- Night Clicks with Flashlight Off

Step 23: The Final

Finally, We are all done.

Our Bedside Lamp Features:

  • You can now Checkout your to-do list without missings.
  • Anytime Changeable Color Screens & Pattern shades according to ur or ur partner's mood.
  • I Spend only $3 for making this Customizable Night Lamp

As a general rule, you need one bedside lamp if you're the only one sleeping in the bed, and TWO if you have a partner.

I hope you enjoy doing it, Have a Great Day!

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