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Introduction: Personalized Days Since Last Accident Sign

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I thought this might be a really fun thing to have so I decided to make it ! I also thought it would be good to document it if anyone else wanted to make it too. It is a sign which is totally customizable to count days since something last happened.

Step 1: Things You Will Need:


A pair of 2cm rings from an old ring binder

Laminating pouches

Wood glue

Laser cut files in 5 mm wood or acrylic

Photocopier paper




Hole puncher



Step 2: Gluing

With the two boards you Laser cut glue them together at the jigsaw edges. you will want to insert the rings before this and leave them open because you want to make sure they will open and fit when you come to using it. You may also want to have a smaller angle than the 90 degrees so file down the edges and then glue. To stop the rings from rattling about I glued them in place too at the bottom.

Step 3: Print and Laminate Your Digits and Phrases

Print off your digits and your phrases, I attached my numbers and an example phrase.If you make your own phrases make it so that you leave half of half the page blank and write your phrase on the other half of the half page just like in the example file. Cut out your digits and phrases leaving allot of blank page above them but not so much bellow. Slip these into laminating pouches leaving space between them and then cut them out.

Step 4: Make Holes and Put It All Together

Use a hole puncher to make holes in the laminated phrases and make just one hole at the center top of the digits. Put your phrase and then one of each digits onto the rings and voila you have finished your days since last accident sign. You can now change between sines and make new and more funny ones.

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    6 years ago

    If you're looking to have something more polished made for you check out The focus is primarily on counting days without an accident, but all the signs can be fully customized online to label the automatic counters as counting anything you want, and you won't have to remember to flip it each day!