Pet Water Bowl Filler




Introduction: Pet Water Bowl Filler

Hey everyone, in this instructable, I will show you how to make a pet water dish filler that you can control from anywhere in the world. This is particularly useful when you are at work or when you go out of town.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

Here are the parts and tools that you will need to make this project:


12v DC Pump

Linkit ONE board with WiFi antenna

PVC parts: Adaptor, orange testing cap, ABS Cap (the diameter doesn't matter, as long as the PVC parts fit.)

Water bowl


2n2222a NPN transistor

5V Relay

1k Ohm resistor

12v Power supply with at least 700 mA


Computer running the latest version of the Arduino IDE and Linkit ONE drivers

Soldering Iron and solder

Step 2: Wiring

Use the wiring diagram to wire the circuit. It is fairly straight forward.

Step 3: Drill Holes Into PVC

Drill two holes into the ABS end cap, one at 7/32" at the centre of the piece, the other at 1/8" about 3 cm away from the centre, though none of it needs to be precise.

Step 4: Attach Tube to Pump

Connect the tubing to the pump and slide some through the 7/32" hole in the PVC. Put the wires from the pump through the 1/8" hole.

Step 5: Putting the PVC Parts Together

Assemble the PVC parts so that the orange plastic cap is on the lower part of the adaptor and have the black ABS cap on the smaller end of the PVC adaptor. The ABS cap should not be very tight on the adaptor so you can take it on and off to fill up the water in it.

Step 6: Mount the Pump to PVC

Mount the pump to the PVC using hot glue. Make sure that the motor itself won't be under the water, just the plastic pump housing.

Step 7: Code

Download the test code and upload it to your board. Open the serial monitor and copy the first IP address. Once this is done, download the final code and press upload.

Step 8: Testing...

To test the device, paste in the IP address that you copied from the previous step into any web browser and press enter. You should see three buttons. Also, make sure that you have filled the device with water, making sure that the motor itself isn't submerged, just the plastic of the pump. Press the "Water" button a few times to get the water flowing. You should hear the motor in the pump spinning. If not, check your wiring.

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    6 years ago

    my dog drinks out of the toilet..thats not food grade either


    6 years ago

    This pump doesn't look to be "food-grade".