Introduction: Phone Belt for 84 Cents

While working outside or in my shop my normal attire is sweat pants...which are not ideal for keeping an iphone in place. So I needed a cheap and effective way to hang the phone at my side.

Step 1: Step One: Materials

I'm assuming as an iphone user that you already have a phone case with a belt clip or a phone caddy such as the one pictured. If not, a caddy can be purchased for about $10 to fit your phone model. To make the belt you will need 1" polypropylene webbing which can be ordered on Amazon. I purchased 25 yards of webbing for less than $10 and I use it for a wide variety of projects. You will need about 1 yard for this project (cost = $0.40). You will also need a 1" plastic buckle with clip (note the two parts in the photo). These are also available on Amazon and come as a set, buckle and clip together. I also use these for many many different projects and I order them 25 at a time for $11. You will need one pair for this project (cost= $0.44). You will also need a sewing machine or needle and thread and a butane lighter or a couple matches. Cut a length of webbing that will fit around your waist comfortably and then add 3 inches. After cutting, use the lighter to singe the cut ends of the webbing to keep them from fraying.

Step 2: Step 2: Secure the Buckle.

Loop one end of the webbing through the buckle with about 1 1/2" of overlap. Then sew the overlap to the webbing as shown at the red arrow in the photo. I sew about four seams forward and backward to insure the loop is secure. The Belt should now look like the second photo.

Step 3: Sttep 3: Buckle Up.

Loop the free end of the belt through the phone caddy and then through the end of the "clip". You will note that the clip is made so that it holds snuggly as you pull the webbing through it. Snap the clip into the buckle and you are set to go. Once you have the belt adjusted to the length you want you can snip off any excess webbing if you want. I leave mine a little long just in case.