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Introduction: Photo Booth - Perfect Background

A little while ago I made a project for my local FabLab. It was a Mini Photo Booth to make good pictures of the small projects that people make there.

Step 1: Materials

This Photo Booth is made with a laser cutter and I used two kinds of perspex: a white one and a milky one.

Simple day light can shine easily through white perspex, so the photo can have enough light from all the sides.

Through the milky one, that is used for the top part, light can shine even better and the most light will come from above the object. That way you will have a light shadow on the bottom of your object.

Also you can use any kind of lamp for extra light (or if you are using this booth in a dark space). Because of the milky perspex the light will be blushed a little and you won't see light edges.

The last material is simple white paper. This is used so you won't see the corner of the booth.

Step 2: Laser Cut

I've made an Adobe Illustrator file with all the pieces that you need.

Numbers 1,2 and 3 are the vertical wall's of the Photo Booth. All three of them made from regular white perspex.

Number 4 is the paper piece. This one can either be cut with the laser or just by hand. Thanks to the three holes on top of it, you can easily hang this part between the back wall and the top. Let it curve to the front and you won't see the back corner of your Photo Booth.

Number 5 is the top and the bottom part. Make one from regular white perspex (same one you used on parts 1,2 and 3) and make one from milky perspex for the top. The top will leave more light through and fill your Booth with more brightness, leaving a small shadow on the bottom of your object.

Step 3: Assembling

When you have all the pieces ready, you can easily put them together without having to use any glue. If you are planning on taking the booth with you to different places, it will always be better to glue it together (just to be sure).

Step 4: Taking the Photo and Editing

When everything is ready you can start using your Photo Booth.

Put the booth on a good place, add some light if you need to an take a picture.

At the end you edit your picture a little bit, put the contrast up and make the white parts more white. That should be enough.

Can it be even more easy?

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    It looks great :)


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    Thank you :)