Introduction: Photography: Tips on How to Get the Right Picture

Hello, my name is Raya and I am new to When I got the email to participate in the Photography Tricks and Tips contest I became very excited. Photography is one of my favorite hobbies and surely I was eager to participate. So in this instructable, I am teaching my personal tips on how to get the right picture. Materials are below:

Step 1: Materials

. Camera or Camcorder( if none then use any device with a built in camera)

. Tripod( if you have one)

. Lens

. Extra: Artificial Light (studio lights, if wanted inside)

Step 2: Light

When it comes to lighting, it is one thing to help you with a good picture. You need to make sure that you have the correct amount of light in order to get a good shot. Don't use too much sunlight or the picture will not come out correctly as well as not using little light or else the picture cannot be seen. With artificial lighting, be very careful of it not affecting the scenery or causing them to burn out or cause a fire, which is a major caution.

Step 3: Angles & Lens

Lens is very important when coming to a camera. It gives the camera the zoom-in sight and the HD experience.

It also supports the angles of the camera. To take a good shot, you need a good angle. I would recommend cropping out any people in the way of the picture or any animals you don't want in your shot. Focus entirely on the scenery and If you need to zoom in, go ahead, but not too close. It is okay if your camera does not have clear HD just take your best shot. Along with cropping your photo, if it sharpens just blur it just a bit.

Step 4: Setting( Tripod & Recommendations)

Setting is also very important when taking shots. You want to make sure your scenery does not have anything blocking the main shot and that your setting is clear. If you are taking photos inside, remember the lighting process and along with the tripod, I recommend carpet because it is more sturdy than tile or hardwood floors.

As for good shots inside I recommend shooting interior designs and home décor, anything that makes the home lively and more interesting, including shots of people, emotions, pets and activity.

These were my personal tips and I hope you people enjoy!

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