Introduction: Photoshop Tutorial Project

This will be the photo that I want to recreate but i'm going to make some modifications so that I am more satisfied with. I'm going to be changing the hot air balloon to a different one and adding in color. I will also be adding in texture to their grass and making it more vibrant.

Step 1: Removal of Hot Air Balloon

For the first part of this photo I started to use the healing brush tool to get rid of the existing hot air balloon. In order to do this I selected other parts of the sky to try to cover up the old balloon. Which I then placed the new balloon which I will explain how in my next step.

Step 2: Inputting a New Hot Air Balloon

After I used the healing brush from the last image i looked for a new image that I wanted to use instead of the hot air balloon that was provided. After selecting a new balloon I then used the quick selection tool to select the new balloon and place it into the original image. After I placed the new balloon I changed the size by using the image then adjustments tool and aligned to fit with the original image. After doing this I also changed the exposure and contrast of the new blown and merged everything together so that it was all on one layer. Reason I did it this way because later on I’ll talk about how I needed to change from grayscale to a color scale in order to do that I needed to merge together all of my pieces of separate parts of the image and merge it together.

Step 3: Colored Sky

After putting my new hot air balloon into the selected image that I have for my background I decided to change the color of the sky from gray to blue. in order to do this I had to go to image mode and then change it from grayscale to RDG color. After doing that I went and pressed the quick selection highlighted all of the sky that I was going to use went to sans colors in the bottom corner near where the masks are and I change the color to a solid blue. Once I did that I changed the balance of the colors and used hue and saturation as well as contrast to make the sky look more realistic.

Step 4: Coloring the Grass

After doing the sky I moved onto the grass I did the same thing as I did in the previous step the only difference is I change the color. So I use the quick selection tool to outline what I wanted to change and then pressed some color in the bottom corner where the masks are and after I did that I pressed a yellow green-ish color. I also lightened up a little bit of the blending and how it was blended in together and then I also used the adjustments to have to change the Hugh saturation and contrast of the colors for the grass.

Step 5: Touchups on the Grass

After I change the colors of the grass to try and match the best they can with the original colors of the safari grass I will then start doing my touchups which will help the trees and the original photo color change blend smoothly together. I will do this by using the spot healing brush To try and cover up some of the grass that hasn’t completely touched or has it completely smooth together.

Step 6: Implement of Trees

After I finished coloring the ground I inputted some trees so first what I did is I got rid of the original trees that were a part of the original picture. I did that by using the Healing brush tool to get rid of all the trees that I didn’t want in the picture. After doing that I found a couple images of some trees that fit well with the background and then put those in to the image. I also use the consul to duplicate some of the trees without having to use too many photos of different trees. I also change the skill of the trees so that you can see some in the background some of the foreground and some in the middle

Step 7: Edit to the Tree

After and putting the trees that I wanted to use into the photo. I’ve been selected those trees and change the color and saturation to match with the all of the grass so that everything moves smoothly together. I also use the contrast and exposure to to help with some of the shadows so that there’s a smooth transition between the two photos.

Step 8: Colored in Hot Air Balloon

I used the quick selection tool to select each part of the hot air balloon that matches. So in this case I first clicked on the dark gray areas of the hot air balloon and chose a color so that those areas only would change the proper colors that I want it to be. I continued is all the way around until the top of the balloon was colored with the colors that I wanted to use.

Step 9: Coloring the Hot Air Balloon Pt 2

This part was really difficult for me because of the ropes they’re very skinny and I had to make sure that those were the parts that I had selected when trying to change the color from gray to a light tan-ish. But I use the quick selection tool to outline the part of the basket that I wanted the colors to change after doing that I selected solid color and created a light tan is taupe color. After doing that are used adjustments tour to change the contrast and exposure.

Step 10: Cleaning Up Parts of the Photographs

After everything is changed and all the pieces are put together I didn’t make sure that everything has a smooth transition with each other and everything looks as if it wasn’t even Photoshop. I do this by spot checking everything using the healing spot to to clean up some areas try and clean up some of the transitions between each of the photos.

Step 11: Final Product

Once everything is said and done this is what the final product will look like. Your final product should have smooth transitions between each photo the colors should relatively match with real list stick standards so that the photos don’t look Photoshop. As well as making sure that everything in the photo goes together and nothing looks out of place without it meaning to.