Photospheres for Dodo Case / Google Cardboard!!




Introduction: Photospheres for Dodo Case / Google Cardboard!!

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One of the cooler features we've learned to do at the Clubhouse is creating photospheres for Google Cardboard!

A photosphere is an awesome way of capturing a location and sharing it with friends!

You'll need:

A tripod (ideally... or some other sturdy base--we freehanded it a few times and it came out okay if you don't have one)

The Google Camera app




Step 1: Build Your Mount

You need to build a mount that can support a cell phone to fit on a tripod.

We're fans of cardboard so it was easy for us to create something quickly (seen here).

Step 2: Taking the Photosphere

We're going to now take a sturdy, awesome panorama with the tripod.

Open the Google Camera app & select the panorama option.

Tape the phone on the tripod to attach.

Follow the guide as presented on the app to do a full circle of the room. Try to not move the tripod up and down as you want to get as clean as an image as possible.

The app will autosave the photo when you've made a complete circle.

Step 3: Viewing Your Photosphere

When you load up your Google Cardboard app, it will be available to view in your VR headset.

Just scroll to the Photosphere app and select!

Pretty cool huh?!!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi. You have any idea how this can be done on an iphone ?

    I cant seem to find an app for showing the Photosphere image.