Introduction: Pickled Brussel Sprouts

I was working with an AMAZING chef two years ago when I was looking for the perfect bloody mary garnish, and one that no one else had. Introducing the cold quick pickled brussel sprouts. you will need the following;


Apple Cider Vinegar

Balsamic Vinegar

Red Onions


Fresh Brussel sprouts

Step 1: Step One; There Is No Step Two...

The recipe is a 14:1 mixture of vinegar, but I only had a handful of sprouts so I made enough to cover what I had.

14. oz Apple cider vinegar

1 oz balsamic vinegar

6-12 brussel sprouts (depending on size of batch you're making

two "rings" of red onion - Basically slice it like you would for a burger, take the two outer rings off and split in two

1/2 tsp granulated garlic - had I had fresh garlic I would have tossed in two cloves


Put your trimmed and washed sprouts in a container

put everything else on top

give it a stir

put a lid on it

put in fridge

wait 12hrs (you can try them after 3 hrs or so, but for full pickling flavor, give it 12 or overnight in the fridge)

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