Introduction: Picture Made From Cardboards Only.

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This instructable shows you how to make colour picture made only from cardboards. It's really easy to do it and it takes about 1-hour to do so.

Step 1: What You Need

  • Paper Glue
  • Scissors or Blade knife
  • Colourful cardboards
  • PC
  • access to printer (optional)

Step 2: Choose Image

I chose this image with Pikachu on it for its simplicity, as we can split colours to only 2 major blue and yellow, 2 additional shades of these colours and finally black one. So we will need 5 different coloured cardboards in total.

Step 3: Create Templates

Before we start cutting cardboard into desired pieces we need print templates for cut guidance first. So I opened image in sketchbook drawing software and started creating outlines. For each colour there's one layer with outlines. I ended up with exporting each layer as standalone image.

Step 4: Print Templates

I printed those files onto A4 format paper, except a background layer as it is just solid colour. But choose size whatever you want.

If you don't have printer you can do outlines by placing tracing-paper on monitor and gently retrace outlines with pencil.

Step 5: Cardboard Hunt

So I went for hunt into my near hypermarket where you can grab empty cardboard boxes. Grab the ones which are most similar to colours on original image.

Step 6: Make Base

Cut out base on which we will be stacking layers.

Step 7: Glue First Layer

When you can't find single piece of cardboard, just cut more pieces and glue them together.

Step 8: Cutout Shapes

Stick template paper on cardboard with tape. Use scissors or put cardboard on solid surface e.g. work desk and cut it with blade knife. I used scissors and by doing so it was sketchy and also I experienced cracks on cardboards edges. So blade knife will be better option.

Then apply glue on cutted pieces and lay out them on first layer. Put some weight on it for better fastening.

Step 9: Stack Layers

Continue to stacking layer on layer. Also take some reference image with you if you are not sure where goes what.

Step 10: Done

So this is how it's looks finished. Great. You managed it to the end.

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